Camille Has Been So Mean On 'RHOBH' That Even Denise Wants Nothing To Do With Her

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Denise Richards is one of the newest cast members in the Real Housewives world, and, as an original member of the RHOBH cast, Camille Grammer is one of the longest-reigning. One could think that it means these two would get along — old guard, new guard, teaming up — but following the taping of the Season 9 reunion, it sure seems like Camille and Denise are not friends on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

Denise Richards is a delight — let's just get that out of the way right quick. For her first season on a well-trodden show, Denise was able to navigate relationships with basically everyone in Season 9. She lunched with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle; she hung with Brandi Glanville; she went on vacations with the group; and she observed and commented when necessary. The hardest part about being a first-season Housewife is knowing when to speak and when to keep your mouth shut. Denise aced the test while Camille seems to have never learned that lesson, even after all these years.

On Season 2 of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Camille was freshly divorced and apologetic about all the unkind words she spilled, but now, another Camille has appeared and she's dragging all of the women she claims to be her friends — including Denise, whom she barely knows — through the mud. Or at least the tabloids.

Taping for the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 9 reunion took place in the beginning of June, and Us Weekly reports that Camille was "in the hot seat" the whole time, and Denise certainly could have been one of the women taking Camille to task. In the mid-season preview for Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, the last scene is of Camille and Denise telling each other to "back off." We haven't seen that yet, which means it's probably in the finale.

Perhaps Denise is telling Camille to take her elitist, classist BS and shove it up where the sun don't shine. Camille was insistent that Denise didn't lose as much as she did when her Malibu house burned down in the Woolsey fires because Denise's house was a "rental."

That sort of subtle shade is what Camille used to be known for — she had to slip it in that Denise didn't own the house — and maybe Denise has seen enough of Camille's ugly side to finally call her on her nonsense.

The problem with Camille is that she seems obsessed with being famous, while Denise is much more "meh" about it all. Denise's Twitter is just regrams of her Instagram and thanks from fans. Camille won't stop talking about Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and how she's a victim. Denise is living the life because she's above it all, and Camille is trying to make fetch happen.

Right now, Camille and Denise don't seem to be pals. That's fine. They're coworkers, at most. They don't talk to or about each other, it seems. And honestly, it seems like none of the women are really feeling Camille right now. Maybe Camille can be friends with Lisa Vanderpump, who also has bailed from the rest of the women? Maybe it can be one of Vanderpump's spinoffs.