Are Haley & Emily Single After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? The Twins Are Doomed To Crash & Burn

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Emily and Haley Ferguson (also known as The Twins) made their first Bachelor Nation appearance on Ben Higgins' season. It was there that fans learned about their fun-loving, goofy sides, which make for hilarious dating adventures. Seasons later, the twins are practically professional reality stars at this point. They were on The Bachelor, Bachelor In Paradise Season 3, and even had their own show on Freeform called The Twins: Happily Ever After? Now, the two are set to burst into Bachelor In Paradise Season 4 shortly, brought in as latecomers to stir up the drama. But, are the twins single after Bachelor in Paradise? Haley and Emily may not have been able to make Paradise go their way.

BiP isn't exactly a fair dating show, some singles begin on the beach and are given time to form meaningful connections while others are brought in at the very end. This creates tension and love triangles but it also makes the late arrivals feel like hasty additions without a real chance to find love. Emily and Haley are arriving very late into Paradise, seemingly days before the whole thing wraps and previews suggest they rock the beach but maybe don't rock at finding love this round.

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Off the bat, the above preview of Emily and Haley's arrival to Paradise doesn't look great. It shows them arriving with confidence but everything quickly escalating into anger. An even longer season preview shows them yelling at Jack Stone, shouting that "I asked you out to be nice, do you really think I want to go out with a serial killer? Or anybody that's involved with scallop fingers?" The shouting also involves them calling Paradise "a nightmare." All of this doesn't exactly point to either twin finding love in Mexico — or really even just having a nice time.

In addition to dramatic previews, Emily has already taken to social media to apologize for whatever we're going to see. The twins are not new to drama, they spent a majority of Ben's season fighting with Olivia Caridi, so this preemptive apology is a big sign that things escalate past even the usual drama point for this show. Their chances of finding love amid this isn't good, especially considering that Paradise is almost over. Most likely the twins are still single after the show — or, at least, they didn't find Bachelor Nation love. Especially since one of them had her heart set on Dean who is, like, more than a little busy right now with Kristina and Danielle L.

Both Emily and Haley are a staple of the Bachelor franchise at this point, having appeared on many of the shows. So, if they're indeed still single, it's highly likely that they'll return in the future for another Bachelor In Paradise season or even for the new spinoff show Bachelor Winter Games, which essentially is Paradise in the cold plus sports. In addition to a potential return, as crazy as it sounds, the twins may find love off camera. Perhaps non-dramatic real world dating is what they need.

In the meantime, if you wanna watch the drama reach whole new level for them in Paradise, tune in on Tuesday to see it all go down.