Why Hannah & Dylan Might Be The OTP Of 'BiP' This Season

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Dylan Barbour has been head over heels for Hannah Godwin ever since the two of them locked eyes on the beaches of Mexico at the beginning of this Bachelor in Paradise season.While Hannah had initially felt torn between Dylan and Blake, she seems to now be fully committed to her relationship with Dylan. But it still remains to be seen if these two are ready to take their budding relationship to the next level, although there are some clear signs that Hannah and Dylan get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise. Or at least leave the beaches together, hand in hand. They've definitely proven to be one of the strongest duos of Season 6 thus far, so the idea of a proposal isn't completely out of the question.

Strictly speaking, if Hannah and Dylan were engaged they would be unable to confirm as much on social media. Bachelor producers are very strict about what cast members can and cannot post on Instagram and Twitter while BiP episodes are still airing since it could give away the ending for fans and spoil the outcome. Some couples aren't as sneaky about hiding their ongoing relationship as others. That being said, if Dylan and Hannah are still together, they've been pretty successful at keeping their relationship under wraps. There was one photo Dylan posted on Instagram back in August that showed him holding a mystery woman's hand on a ride at the OC Fair, but apart from that they haven't really hinted anything about their love life, at least not directly.

Between the two of them, Dylan is is definitely to one who posts and tweets more about Bachelor-related content. His tweets and jokes about his time in Paradise are priceless and show a humorous side of him viewers haven't really had the chance to see. His remarks have definitely included Hannah from time to time, though one recent comment he made may have unintentionally revealed the fate of their relationship.

People published an article on Sept. 5 that featured a clip of Dylan telling Hannah that he loves her. It's a very sweet moment that could very well indicate these two are in it for the long run — a notion that Dylan himself seemed to confirm by tweeting about said article, writing, "Hey I’m Dylan, I’m 25 years old from San Diego, California, and I’m in love."

Notice that his remark was made in the present tense, not past tense. This may unintentionally hint at the fact that they're still together, and quite possibly engaged. Granted, this is all just mere speculation right now. Nothing can be confirmed viewers see the rest of their love story play out firsthand during the finale, but it definitely looks promising.

They may have had a rocky beginning, but ever since Hannah made the decision to choose Dylan over Blake, they've practically been inseparable ever since — and perhaps more importantly, completely drama-free. The uncertainty that once existed for Hannah appears to be gone and Dylan seems just as enamored with Hannah (if not more so) than he was on the first day he met. It would be easy to picture him getting down on one knee at the end of all this.

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