These 'BiP' Clues May Reveal How Dylan, Hannah, & Blake's Love Triangle Will End

John Fleenor/ABC

Half the point of Bachelor in Paradise is to date around and find the strongest connection, so it's not all that surprising to see a few love triangles start to form. Perhaps the most central this season is the one between Dylan, Hannah G., and Blake. However, it may not actually be that hard to predict how it will pan out: there are several clues that Hannah and Dylan are dating after BIP, which means the drama surrounding these three probably won't last too much longer.

Unlike Blake, who pursued several different women in the cast prior to filming, Dylan has made it clear right from the start that he only has eyes for Hannah. He has zero interest in going on dates with anyone else who shows up throughout the season. Hannah is his endgame and that's that. Hannah, on the other hand, seems a little more uncertain about the whole thing. She's admitted to having strong feelings for Dylan, but her previous connection with Blake is holding her back from being able to fully commit to him. But while the whole thing may seem complicated right now, there's plenty of reason to believe that things will end in Dylan's favor when all is said and done. Here's the evidence.

Dylan Has Come To Hannah's Defense

It's hard for some viewers to see Hannah flip-flop between Blake and Dylan, which has resulted in her facing some backlash online. This prompted Dylan to come to Hannah's defense on Twitter, asking fans to give her a break and reminding everyone that he was well aware of how Paradise works. Granted, Dylan is a great guy, so it's possible he would have Hannah's back regardless of whether or not they're still together, but it also definitely feels like something a loyal boyfriend would do.

The Mystery Hand

On Aug. 12, Dylan posted an Instagram photo of him having fun at the OC Fair. But while the image is of just him on a ride, it also shows Dylan holding the hand of someone who's suspiciously cropped out of the picture. Could the hand belong to Hannah? Several of Dylan's fellow BiP cast members commented on the photo, demanding to know whose hand it was. Odds are they already know the answer and are simply giving their friend a hard time. Given how hard Dylan is falling for Hannah, it seems unlikely he'd already be in a different relationship since filming ended.

Hannah's Recent Travels

There's also the fact that Hannah was already in California around that time, having posted photos of her in San Francisco on Aug. 9 and Aug. 11. She could've easily gotten to Costa Mesa in time for the fair. All signs point to these two still being an item.

Their Silence Speaks Volumes

Both of them are keeping a pretty low profile right now in regard to their relationship status. Perhaps they're just afraid of giving the outcome away — or maybe they're simply too busy enjoying each other's company to be bothered with anything else. Needless to say, this may be one of those situations where no news is good news.

Let's hope this story ends up having a happy ending.