Here's Where Hannah & Luke Stand After Their 'Summer House' Romance

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Though things are certainly heating up between Hannah and Luke on Summer House, it's not yet clear if their romance ended up outlasting the summer...or if they're still together now. Hannah told Entertainment Tonight in March that she and Luke remain "very close," but declined to say where they stand now, relationship-wise. That being said, they're definitely playing into it online.

In mid-March, just as the coronavirus pandemic began to ramp up in New York City, Hannah posted an Instagram photo of her and Luke kissing through surgical masks. "We’re sick of each other," she captioned the post. Hundreds of followers — including her own mom Lenore DiLeo-Berner, her best friend Paige Desorbo, and Luke's mom Cindy Gulbranson — left comments shipping them together. "Mom and dad," Desorbo wrote. "This is iconic. Spreading cheer, not germs, hopefully," DiLeo-Berner added. "Stay safe you two!" Gulbranson chimed in.

When another follower wrote, "My favorite is that both moms commented," Berner responded with three sobbing emojis, and DiLeo-Berner left a winking smile and a heart. Hmmmmm.

So far on the season, Luke and Hannah have had a somewhat tumultuous summer. She initially came into the house seeing another guy, but Luke nonetheless pursued her. Now it's Luke who's torn between Hannah and another woman. On the most recent episode, he got jealous after seeing Hannah flirt with Southern Charm's Austen Kroll at Kyle Cook's birthday party.

"Luke and I, after we watched the last episode, we went on FaceTime and fought with each other," Hannah told People. "We literally re-hashed the whole fight.”

Thankfully, they were able to put it to rest. “Even though we had a miscommunication, and I think he was trying to play games with me, we can't help but like each other as people," she continued. "We just gravitate towards each other and I think my thing is figuring out: Who is this guy in my life? Because I think you have a lot of loves in your life, and you have to decide, is he marriage material, is he boy toy material, is he friend material?"

We'll have to keep watching to see where she lands.

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