KKW Concealer Kit Reviews Are Rolling In & Here's The Tea On Kim K's Newest Product

The Kar-Jenners can't possibly sleep. Between Kylie Cosmetics' Weather Collection and now KKW Beauty Concealer Kits, these women are busy. They don't, however, seems to be slowing down. In fact, those concealer kits are set to debut today, Mar. 23, and fans of Kim Kardashian are almost certainly ready to spend their hard earned cash on the three step way to brighten your under eye. The real question about the launch, though, is are they worth it?

Thankfully, Kardashian seems to have sent our PR packages to beauty vloggers just in time for them to get reviews up before the official launch. According to the KKW Beauty Instagram account, the 16 concealer shades and their corresponding powders will be up for grabs at noon PT/3 p.m. ET. That means there's still time for you to check out some of the reviews before you decide to do a bit of shopping.

After all, the kits are set to retail for a whopping $80. While you are getting three products and two brushes, it's still important to ask if they work, how much product are you getting, and is the shade range sufficient. Thankfully, that's why gurus are here, and their reviews are starting to roll in.

So far, only a few YouTube gurus have uploaded reviews of the concealer kits. Of those reviews, there have been no gurus who have tested out the deepest section of the shade range. This is notable as Kardashian has undergone some criticism for the product's shade range.

While evenly distributed with four shades in four different categories, options for darker complected customers appear much more limited than those for people of light skin tones.

With people already skeptical of the product, should you purchase it? These KKW Concealer Kit reviews are going to help you discern whether or not the $18 per product cost or the $80 bundle is right for you.


Looking for a breakdown of how the product amount compares to other concealers on the market? Makeup Shayla has you covered. Not only does she discuss the $18 price tag, but she digs into the exact amount of ounces in the KKW concealer versus those in other well-known products.

Of course, she also tests the product, and she gives pertinent tips on application, and she discusses the shade range. Basically, if you want an answer on every question you could have, MakeupShayla has your answers.


MannyMUA's review is unique because it features a wear test. Not only does he conduct a first impression during the application process, but he wears the concealer for several hours and reports back in on how the product held up. If you're curious about wear time, MannyMUA has you covered.

NikkieTutorials & James Charles

NikkieTutorials and James Charles teamed up to review the product together (at Patrick Starrr's studio no less). Why? They have different skin types. Nikkie has more dry skin where James Charles is more on the oily side. In this video, you get reviews from both points of view.

Gabriel Zamora

Like MakeupShayla, Gabriel Zamora looked at the difference in cost between KKW Beauty and other concealers, and he was honest about the fact that ultimately, other products are more cost effective than Kardashian's $18 price point. As for whether or not he enjoyed them, you'll have to see for yourself.


What about the brushes? Brittany Bear takes a look at how they perform with the product. Where many of the other reviews feature the use of their typical tools, she tested out the kit as a whole.

Should you buy the KKW Concealer Kits? That's really up to you. But thankfully, you've got some reviews to help you decide.