Kristina Isn't Afraid To Go After Dean On Twitter Post-'BiP'

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Paul Hebert/ ABC

If there is one thing Bachelor Nation knows, it is that relationships are tricky business but they are about one hundred times trickier on Bachelor In Paradise. When you place contestants from previous seasons of The Bachelor/Bachelorette together on one island in Mexico, romance is bound to ignite (sometimes between multiple people), and some budding love is inevitably bound to crash and burn. Kristina Schulman and Dean Unglert appeared to be hot and heavy for a bit this season, but after the entrance of Danielle. L that rocked their coupling, are Kristina and Dean still friends after Bachelor In Paradise?

It's tough to say exactly what the nature of Dean and Kristina's relationship is at this moment because contestants are known to downplay things to maintain the air of suspense for the season. At the moment, neither of their social media accounts gives a definitive answer but there are certainly clues on their social media pages that hint as to how they feel about each other. Both of them have posted a couple of photos of each other on their Instagram accounts but Kristina's caption was geared towards getting fans to watch the show and Dean's was much of the same. No gushing or really even a mention of the other one.

Aside from the lack of obvious gushing about each other, there is also the fact that Kristina has been retweeting fans' tweets about her "take no crap" attitude. Bachelor Nation didn't seem pleased to see Dean's behavior towards Kristina when Danielle L. showed up in Paradise and they took to Twitter to encourage Kristina not to deal with his games. Of course, this could mean that they are not romantically linked anymore but it could be seen as the light-hearted poking at a friend. The thing that could be seen as a sign of these two being on icy terms is the tweet Kristina sent out Aug. 15, where she called Dean out by name and informed him that she was angry.

Regardless of their relationship and how these two end up on the romance spectrum, I hope they have been able to maintain a friendship. To be honest, I think they were a really great pair, but BiP is a rough storm to weather.