Here's How Kylo Ren & Rey Could End Up Together In 'Star Wars: Episode 9'

Even though Star Wars is best known for its fictional creatures, overbearing robots, and epic lightsaber battles, some great romances have also unfolded in the galaxy far far away. Because of the events of The Last Jedi, the obvious question now is, are Kylo Rey and Rey in love? Not only do Star Wars' previous love stories, from Luke and Leia to Padmé and Anakin, make people suspect the new trilogy will include a love story, but Kylo and Rey actually have a powerful connection to each other.

While in The Force Awakens, a Kylo and Rey romance seemed out of the question, The Last Jedi offered new developments that have led people to suspect that the two will officially get together in Episode IX. As to whether or not they two are love, The Last Jedi doesn't quite answer that question decisively, though it definitely hints that love is in the atmosphere.

Spoilers ahead! During Rey's stay on the remote island where Luke Skywalker lives, she and Kylo use the Force to communicate. While it later comes out that Snoke has manipulated the two and made them see each other from far away, it seems like Rey and Kylo have actually formed a deeper connection. When they are later reunited — because Rey drops everything to be with Kylo — they fight together in Snoke's red chamber. The battle made Star Wars fans think that Kylo and Rey might one day balance each other out as dark and light in perfect harmony, and it definitely seems like it from the scene.

Sadly, it seems Rey actually might only have feelings for Ben Solo rather than Kylo Ren. She still calls Kylo "Ben," which almost nobody else does. While Rey's name for Kylo suggests she might know him better than others do, it also suggests that she's more in love with the idea of "saving" Kylo and bringing him back from the Dark Side. The problem with that, which almost everyone who's fallen in love with the "bad boy" knows, is that Kylo seems to have an innate pull towards the Dark Side.

Even though Rey sees in a vision that he still has the old Ben inside him, he doesn't take the opportunity to leave the First Order once Snoke dies. Instead, Kylo reveals that he plans to take Snoke's place, and he invites Rey to join him as a leader of the Dark Side. At the end of the movie, Rey literally shuts the door (to the Millennium Falcon) on Kylo and his Machiavellian ideas. Besides, she has a new potential relationship from the Resistance with Poe Dameron, and wouldn't that be so great?

Still, while fans might love to 'ship Rey-Poe, the truth is that Kylo and Rey share something with each other that nobody else does. They each have such strong connections to the Force that it seems they might be able to understand each other on a deeper level. The director of The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson told Cinema Blend, "The fascinating thing about Kylo and Rey is that they're two sides of something. We can all relate to Kylo: to that anger of being in the turmoil of adolescence." Johnson continued, "He's not Vader — at least, he's not Vader yet — and that's something I really wanted to get into."

The fact that Kylo isn't not Vader yet is what matters, both to Rey and to Reylo 'shippers. Kylo still could turn back to Ben and end up with Rey, but Rey has never wavered in her allegiance to the Resistance. Unless Kylo decides to change his ways, he and Rey will likely have to continue ignoring their feelings for one another.