Are Love Island's Camilla and Jamie Still Together In 2019? Here's The DL On Their Romance

Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Camilla Thurlow rolled up to the villa back in 2017, and was considered a pretty unlikely Love Island candidate. While her fellow contestants were mostly personal trainers and former models, Camilla's profession was ordinance disposal, AKA clearing landmines. Having had a bit of rocky time with romance on the show, Camilla found her ideal match when Jamie Jewitt arrived. The pair bonded over a mutual love of books in the villa, but their relationship really took off once they came home. As one of the show's success stories, I'd like to know, are Love Island's Camilla and Jamie still together in 2019?

Well, things are still looking bright for the couple. If you follow Jamie and Camilla on social media, you'll know that this couple are super open about how into each other they are. They've recorded all their relationship milestones, including moving in together after 18 months of dating. On Feb. 5, Camilla posted some adorable moving in snaps on her Instagram, commenting: "And we are in 🔑🏠! Had such a fun day with @jamiejewitt_picking up the keys for the house we have found to rent! Can’t wait to get it all sorted and move in properly with our two little puppies Audrey and Gus 🐶🐶"

Oh yeah, and they have a French Bulldog each. They're living the dream.

While there were some rumours that their relationship was on the rocks in October last year, as sources told the Metro that they'd "hardly spent any quality time together in recent weeks," that was quickly dispelled. At the moment, Camilla and Jamie look more loved up than ever.

The success to their relationship seems to come from their casual approach. They're not rushing to any relationship milestones, like moving in with one another straightaway. Neither are they putting too much pressure on themselves to get engaged. "We haven’t said if it's on or off the cards so we’re just seeing how we’re getting on. We’ll see what’s happening," Camilla told the Daily Mail in an interview earlier this year.

The pair also get involved with plenty of charitable causes as a couple, including sponsored walks for the HALO trust charity where Camilla used to work.

Whatever they're doing, it's working for them. These two are clearly absolutely smitten with each other. Particularly since Jamie's posted a fair few soppy posts onto his Instagram grid in their relationship history. But if you wanted any more evidence of their love, allow me to point you in the direction of his #internationalwomensday post on March 9.

Holding hands in bed, he captioned the post: "Nothing but love. Happiness. Understanding. 👆❤️ #happyinternationalwomensday." I can't say I've seen that many people look so happy nor so in love. As they seem to grow stronger everyday, Camilla and Jamie may well be Love Island's greatest love story so far. If any of this season's contestants can outmatch these two, then I think we've got a pretty huge summer of love on our hands.