‘The Defenders’ Could Kick Off This Famous Marvel Friendship

Sarah Shatz/Netflix

True Marvel fans know that Danny Rand and Luke Cage are best friends. They become "Heroes For Hire" together in the comics. However, those who haven't read the books but have seen Luke Cage and Iron Fist on Netflix may wonder how two characters with such disparate personalities would ever get along. Here's a brief history of Danny and Luke's Marvel comics friendship so that you prepare and compare when The Defenders drops on Aug 18.

The two appear together primarily in the comic series Power Man & Iron Fist. Power Man is sometime Luke's superhero alias, though he doesn't really go by that on screen. In the books, they meet at a party being hosted by Hogarth the lawyer, who is played by Carrie Ann Moss in the Netflix universe, after Luke's charges are dropped and he comes home from Seagate prison. The party is in his honor, but Luke is attacked by a minor villain who he and Danny fought off together. While that is a little more tense than your average romantic comedy meet-cute, the two men start hanging out, fighting criminals, and getting into shenanigans together.

They initially work for Colleen Wing and Misty Knight's detective agency, but ultimately left to start their own investigation and protection business, Heroes for Hire. They're also part of the New Avengers storyline and (along with some other heroes) move in together.

Sarah Shatz/Netflix

Danny and Luke love each other, but don't always get along. There's bickering, and Luke will roll his eyes at Danny's wealth and privilege. Meanwhile, Danny makes fun of Luke's folky language. ("Sweet Christmas!") They're an opposites attract kind of odd couple, who have their superpowers in common.

It's also canon in the comics that Jessica Jones prefers it when Danny doesn't talk, which sounds about right. Jessica and Luke of course end up married in the comics, while Danny is often in a romantic relationship with Misty Knight.

Knowing that this is where Luke Cage and the Iron Fist could maybe end up, it'll be interesting to see how that relationship develops on The Defenders. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Mike Colter teased that the Luke and Danny relationship would be updated for the modern day. For comic book fans, watching this canon partnership form in The Defenders is probably one of elements they're anticipating the most.