Are Mark and Elena Really A 'Big Brother 19' Showmance?

Big Brother 19 could very easily go down as the most love-hungry season of the show yet. The show hasn't even been airing for a full week and there are already a whopping three showmances in the house. There is the power couple of Cody and Jessica, Raven and the "silver fox" Matt, and personal trainer Mark with radio personality Elena. However, some fans suspect that the latter of the three showmances may be particularly one-sided. Are Mark and Elena a showmance or has one of these two jumped the gun on pairing up?

Mark and Elena's showmance is still in the early stages of forming, allowing them to be a helpful anchor to each other as they get their footing in Big Brother. However, this showmance may be more of a convenience than a passion for Elena. Elena has spoken openly about the unprecedented amount of flirting going on in the Big Brother house this season, and it seems that she's been happy to play along. Live feed viewers have gotten a taste of Elena being friendly with Matt and flirty with Christmas in between her budding showmance with Mark. Is Elena actually interested in Mark, or has Mark gone head over heels for Elena while she's flirting with other people?

Some fans seem to be convinced that Elena is leading Mark on, saying that Elena's flirtation behavior with others means that she doesn't have genuine feelings for Mark. However, there's no indication that Mark and Elena aren't okay with flirting with other members of the house. It is Big Brother after all, and flirting your way into someone's good graces is as legitimate a strategy as any. While some suspect that Elena may not be as invested in Mark as he is in her, there's no denying that these two are spending a lot of time together.

It's also important to remember that these two haven't even known each for more than a couple weeks. The fact that they've grown attached so quickly says a lot more than any flirtatious comments that Elena might make. While Elena may still be having fun with other people, it's safe to say the showmance Mark and Elena has officially arrived.