There Might Be A 'Drag Race' Romance Brewing On Season 11


Amid all of the acting prep, diva research, and celebrating going on during this week's Drag Race, you may have noticed that, in a quick break from the chaos, Vanessa Vanjie and Brooke Lynn Hytes shared a quick peck and cuddle in the werkroom. Everyone knows that drag queens are, by nature, pretty affectionate characters, so it's possible that they were just feeling extra love that day. But Akeria C. Davenport seemed to get a different, more romantic vibe. So you might be wondering — what's the tea, sis?

"Hi Papi, how are you?" Brooke said to Vanjie as she came into the werkroom to get ready for the runway. "Heyyy," Vanjie replied with a lingering flirty tone, going in for a hug and kiss. "Goooood," she said. Akeria just watched, her jaw hanging open. "I've been noticing Brooke and Vanjie with this little cuddle buddy type stuff, girl." She shrugged her shoulders. "There might be something beautiful blossoming from this werkroom. Mhmm."

Brooke went on to hang her arms around Vanjie while she got ready at her station. "You were so good yesterday," Brooke told her, referring to her performance as an impassioned Britney Spears shipper during the she-vangelist talk show maxi-challenge. "I was feelin' the spirit, the holy ghost," Vanjie said. "It was so good," Brooke said. Vanjie replied with a timid, "Thank you." And Vanjie is not known for being timid. If she were wearing false eyelashes, they would've been batting hard. Editing helped of course, but it definitely seemed like they locked eyes and had a moment.

Now, a few of the queens made eyes at Brooke out of drag on day one. Soju was everyone when she said, "I love drag, but I love boys more." Oddly enough, Vanjie wasn't the one with hearts in her eyes then — or at least she wasn't caught on camera. So if she does have a thing for Brooke, she may have some competition — as if there wasn't enough of that going on.

But it sounds Vanjie was a hot commodity, too. In an exclusive video interview with Entertainment Tonight in which the queens answered each other's burning questions, Brooke asked Ariel who she'd sleep with from the Season 11 cast. "Honestly, you know, I have a thing for Spanish men, so I'd probably have to say Vanjie." And they weren't the only with love on the brain during their time on the show. In the same video, Raja asked Plastique who she'd hook up with. "When you've come through a situation where you've been like held, locked down for so long, and no man around other than your sisters, you know..." Raja shrugged. For the record, Plastique said she'd sleep with Brooke and Vanjie. Interesting.

As of right now, there is no official tea on a real Branjie, if you will. They haven't posted much about each other on social media other than the expected Season 11 promotion. But the tea could be steeping with some boiling hot love — or lust — as the season continues. Only time will tell.