Peter & Rachel Have Major Tension Together After 'The Bachelorette'

George Burns/ABC

Breaking up is hard to do, and on The Bachelorette finale, Rachel and Peter were forced to relive theirs live, in front of an audience of millions. But are Rachel & Peter friends post-Bachelorette? As of the finale, the feelings between this former couple seem incredibly raw. After rehashing their proposal fight from the Spain trip, things seemed icy at best. "I did ask if I could reach back out to you and the answer was no," Peter said on Monday's live show, so it sounds like Rachel was not interested in becoming friends after the two broke up in Spain. Still, the feelings weren't all hard. "You allowed me to stay as long as I did ... and you proved to me that throughout all of it, I could develop feelings of love ... I wish you nothing but the best and I really want happiness for you," he said.

Rachel broke up with most basically all of the other men on The Bachelorette this season because she no longer saw a future with them. But the Peter breakup was totally different. Both members of the couple still felt the same way about their side of the argument, and Rachel didn't have the same complimentary, kind air for Peter as she did for most of her other eliminations. When asked by Chris Harrison if he was still in love, Peter said, "I still have feelings for Rachel," but he expects those feelings to change over time. Perhaps that means they'll become friends at some point in the future, but right now, Rachel sees things a little bit differently. At the finale, she said, "I believe in closure, and that was it" after talking things through with Peter.

Rachel hasn't posted, written, or said anything else about a possible friendship for Peter, or any remaining feelings she might have for him. She's taken her "closure" seriously so far. Peter hasn't directly addressed his feelings yet either, but on the morning of the finale, he did write an Instagram post about his experience. "One year ago, after months of convincing by close friends, I submitted ... for The Bachelorette. From the moment I got that first call back to this moment on the day of the finale, it has been the experience of a life time, filled with highs and lows, people to hold onto for a life time, and experiences I will never forget. Thank you all for being a part of it. See you tonight."

Feelings can always get hurt after a relationship ends. But nothing heals old wounds better than time. For now, it looks like Peter and Rachel have not become friends, even if they don't harbor any real negative feelings for one another. For Rachel, she has all the closure she needs, and Peter wishes his ex the best. It's not The Bachelorette ending that some fans wanted for this couple, but hopefully, Peter and Rachel can move on from their breakup, either as friends, or from a distance.