Fans Wanted Peter & Rachel To Have Sex In ‘The Bach’ Fantasy Suite

George Burns/ABC

I'm a big-time Bachelorette fan, but the Fantasy Suite portion of the contest is the part I've always felt a little strange about. I don't like any big-time PDA in my own relationship, so I can't imagine what it's like that all of America knows that you and a guy you're dating entered the bone zone. I mean, my grandma can see this. But that's what Bachelor Nation brings us, and fans can't help but ask the question, did Rachel and Peter have sex on The Bachelorette?

If I had to pick a man for Rachel, Peter would be my guy. They really seem to compliment each other, and it's a great mix of intellectual and sexual chemistry. Also, have you seen what Peter looks like? That salt-and-pepper hair, that chiseled physique... sigh. What was I saying? Anyway, Rachel and Peter wouldn't be remiss if they did decide to get physical on The Bachelorette, but to be honest, it's not really any of our business. Would I cheer if that was what they thought was best for them? Sure! But as it stands right now, I'm chill with a little bit of mystery. But, that's not to say that Bachelorette fans feel the same. As soon as Rachel bestowed that key to Peter, Twitter lit up with fans hoping they were sealing the deal.

But, Rachel and Peter's relationship is only their business. Why do fans need to know if they decided to knock boots in some dreamy hotel room in Spain? And they've both said that they're falling in love with each other (even though Rachel has said that he's fighting it and they need more time with each other), so that's enough for me.

Peter and Rachel opted to spend the night together in the Fantasy Suite, but whether or not they consummated their relationship is none of our business, and let's leave it at that.