Are Robby & Raven Still Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Their Budding Love May Be Short Lived

Paul Hebert/ABC

With Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 premiering Aug. 14, the speculation of who leaves the show coupled up already is underway. So are Robby and Raven still together after Bachelor in Paradise? Previews for Season 4 show that Robby was interested in both Amanda and Raven. Did he get to leave Paradise with one of them? And, if so, who?

According to the ABC press site pics (one can be seen in the header of this article and also below), it looks as though Robby and Raven had a romantic date on the beach during the show. Of course, anything can happen on Bachelor in Paradise, but they look pretty cozy as they enjoy their time together. Their chemistry on Bachelor in Paradise could hint at a potential romance in the future.

On the other hand, Robby has also spent some seemingly couple-y time with Amanda post-show. According to Entertainment Tonight, Robby and Amanda were seen holding hands after a Dodgers game. Additionally, Hollywood Life reported that Robby and Amanda were seen leaving dinner together. On another occasion, the two attended Raven's birthday party with other Bachelor alumni, which was documented as a group picture from The Bachelorette's Jack Stone's Instagram account.

Even if Robby and Raven had something more together at some point, they are — at the very least — friends since he went to her birthday party.

The purpose of Bachelor in Paradise is to find love and the contestants do have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other. In the case of Robby and Raven, their connection could last for most of the show, but it's unclear how or why the two don't stay together — since post show he seems pretty committed to Amanda.

According to some E! predictions, Robby and Raven could bond over their runner-up status from their respective shows, "but both Raven and Robby will be hot commodities in Paradise ... so [fans should] not expecting their summer fling to last all that long."

Paul Hebert/ABC

Whether Robby left Paradise with Amanda or not, it will definitely be interesting to see the ride between him and Raven — however short lived it may have been.