Here's How Scheana & Katie’s Friendship Is Faring After That ‘Vanderpump’ Showdown

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Another day on Vanderpump Rules, another drama. Another fight between the SURvers. Does it ever end? While the show would assuredly not be interesting if there was placation and contentment throughout the staff, can we just get the SUR sisterhood to unite for just a little bit? Are Scheana and Katie from Vanderpump Rules friends in 2018? Then Jan. 22 episode finds them fighting over rumors and backtalk, and these former pals need to get it together.

Brittany is the uniting force on Vanderpump Rules — when news broke that Jax had cheated on her, every woman on the show put aside her differences with the others and gathered around Brittany. Brittany is too good for this Vanderpump Rules (director, 3 episodes: Emily Slemaker) world. They even had a party for her! With beer cheese and voodoo dolls. Unfortunately, that détente didn't last long, because when news broke that Tom Schwartz, Katie's husband, had drunkenly made out with another woman while they were married, Scheana had no problem sharing that info with others. Thus, when Katie got wind of Scheana's information train, Katie told her fair share of people that Scheana's new boyfriend, Rob, was caught at a local bar making out with a woman who was not Scheana, and then played it off like he wasn't really dating Scheana full-time.

Look, it's embarrassing to learn that a partner is cheating on you and have everyone know but you. But instead of going directly to their so-called friend, Scheana and Katie used the information they had as a weapon. Their impulses were so reactionary - you hurt me, so I want to hurt you. It's not that Scheana or Katie wanted to warn each other about this potential cheating and stop them from getting hurt or embarrassed. They wanted to inflict pain on each other. Both women reacted very differently to the news. Katie figured it was true, since Schwartz has done this before. Scheana, who likes everything to be perfect all the time, said it wasn't true and almost had a breakdown over the information. It got so bad that Scheana stopped eating, because she was so panicked over it all. (For the record, Schwartz admitted his infidelity and Rob denied his.) The situation ended with Scheana asking Katie to keep her relationship out of her mouth and promising that she would do the same. Will it stick?

Right now, it doesn't seem like the women are friends. Look at this passive-aggressive subtweet Scheana posted earlier this month:

Scheana and Katie both still work at SUR, but neither Scheana's Instagram nor Katie's Instagram has photos of either of the women together. Stassi, Kristen, and Katie hang out.

Ariana, Scheana, and Lala hang out. (Brittany sometimes, too.)

That's it, really. And that's fine. Not everyone has to be friends all the time. The most troublesome aspect of this whole situation is the fact that they both did to each other what the other was reeling from. If either Katie or Scheana had stopped and said, "You know what? She deserves to know this so she doesn't get hurt like I did," well, they would have saved a lot of grief and maybe stayed friends.

But instead, Katie chose to use Scheana's hurt to assuage her embarrassment, and Scheana panicked and became infuriated when someone insinuated that everything in her life wasn't perfect. Women need to be more patient and caring with other women. The problems here aren't that someone told you that your husband/boyfriend cheated — it's that they cheated in the first place. No cheating = no arguments = no drama.

Katie and Scheana have always been off and on, but after all of these years, a little empathy and understanding would go a long way.