The 'Bachelor' Twins Are Happy With Their Dating Status

by Marenah Dobin
Freeform/ Vu Ong

Unfortunately for Bachelor/ette contestants, most of them do not end up finding love on the show. This makes sense because there can only be one winner, but even the people who go on Bachelor in Paradise don't usually walk away with a relationship. Nevertheless, the fandom is still eager to know who their favorite cast members are dating these days. For instance, are Bachelor twins Haley and Emily Ferguson single?

We did not see them make any love connections during their stints on Ben Higgins' Bachelor season or on Bachelor in Paradise. But now that they have a new show called The Twins: Happily Ever After? on Freeform, their fans surely want to know if we will get to see the twins dating lives on our screens.

During a recent conference call promoting their series, the twins said, "We're dating and we're happy."

Neither Emily nor Haley specified if that meant that they have defined relationships with any special guys or if they are just open to meeting men. Either way, I'm sure fans will be glad to know that the twins are content with where they're at these days.

Personally, I think the twins are national treasures, and I will always be pulling for them to be the first twin Bachelorette stars, but if they find love away from the reality TV cameras, I support that too. If Emily and Haley are happy, I (as their friend in my head) am too.

Freeform/Ronda Churchill

Since I love them so much, I have made it a point to keep up with the twins' interviews and social media activity. In an Us Weekly article that came out in November 2016, the twins confirmed that they were both in relationships. Emily said, "I think we're accepting of each other's guys, so that's all that matters."

More recently, the twins appeared on fellow Bachelor alum Ashely Iaconetti's I Don't Get It podcast. Emily said, "Haley and I both have boyfriends." This episode was posted on Valentine's Day 2017.

So, obviously, after reading that article and listening to Ashley's podcast (which I highly recommend, especially since she has a lot of Bachelor stars as guests), I pulled up Instagram on my phone to see what Emily and Haley's boyfriends looked like. These days, there don't seem to be any couples posts on their Instagrams, which makes me think maybe they aren't in super serious relationships.

All we know for sure is that the twins are both dating and are happy, like they say themselves. As for who they're dating and how serious it is, we'll have to see if they open up about any of this on their show. Either way, I'll be tuning in.