These Lip Gels Are A Hit

by Rachel Nussbaum

People love a transparent lipstick, it's a fact. And the world giveth, most recently in the form of H2O+'s Oasis Lip Gel, an ultra-cool looking product that sees your normal, boring lipstick and raises the stakes. Available in four see-through shades that deliver "smooth shine with a watercolor tint," the Oasis Lip Gel is also shockingly reasonably priced at $12 — meaning people vultured these up immediately following their launch last week. For those crossing their fingers while Googling "Is H2O+'s Oasis Lip Gel is sold out," that spells bad news. But all's not lost.

Refinery29 spotted their totally sold-out status on Friday, so you'll have to wait a bit before experiencing the Oasis. *But,* these innovative gels aren't the only fascinatingly transparent lip product on the market. Each brand gives the product their own spin, obviously — the Oasis gives lips a distinct wash of color, while most other transparent lip products emphasize self-adjusting technology. Example A: the flower-filled Kailijumei lipstick everyone obsessed over this summer. But the gist is consistent; so goes trends.

Wanna get in on the genre while you wait for the Oasis to come back in stock? Here's the legwork on the coolest clear lip products available today, and a throwback to the one that started it all, which is available on Amazon for $80+ dollars (lol). It's your call.

Oasis Lip Gel in Blush Crush, $12, H2o Plus

The Oasis comes in four sheer, subtle colors. This pink gives lips a "blushing pink watercolor tint," joined by a wine, coral, red, and clear (which is IMHO the coolest, with it's ice blue hue).

Winky Lux Flower Balm, $14, Winky Lux

Winky Lux's version of the trend is par for the pH course. Once on, it "reacts with your skin's pH levels, uniquely creating the perfect shade of pink lips just for you" — so even if you pass this one around for your friends to try, everyone'll end up with a distinct look.

Chosungah 22's Flavorful Lipstick in Guava Tint Jello, $18, Sephora

This one's a dead ringer for the Oasis, although the focus is on moisture over color. Chosungah 22's Flavorful Lipstick comes in three flavors, a chai, guava and peach, infused with argan oil to moisturize.

DuWop IcedTeas, $19, Duwop Cosmetics

Peak "what goes around, comes around," DuWop's IcedTeas line were a hit in the early aughts. The translucent lip treatments are still available on the brand's website.

Kailijumei Lipsticks, $18, Kailijumei

Temperature-dependent as opposed to pH, Kailijumei's lipsticks are gorgeous to look at — and now available through Tictail.

Love when a lipstick takes the phrase "read my lips" to heart. Until you can snag the Oasis, no need to be gel-ous (sorry).

Images: Courtesy of Brands