The New ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ Season Makes It Crystal Clear That Mikey & Titus Are MFEO


Last fans saw him in Season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Titus was vowing to win back his great love Mikey Politano (Mike Carlsen) by belting out his cringe-worthy hit single, "Boobs in California," on a boat in front of Mikey and his new boyfriend. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4 hits Netflix on May 30, and really the most important (and romantic) storyline that the show needs to get back to is determining whether or not Titus and Mikey will get back together in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4. Be warned, there are lots of spoilers ahead for the first six episodes.

When neither Lemonade-ing, nor walking the live peacock (not a euphemism), nor "Boobs In California" were sufficient bait to lure Mikey back to Titus, well, I had kind of hoped that Titus might take the time in Season 4 to mature just a teensy, tiny bit, in order to win back his man. And overall, he did manage to do that... just not right away.

The premiere of Season 4 sees Titus perhaps more Mikey-obsessed than we've ever seen him. He and Jacqueline, who is now his agent, hatch an elaborate scheme to put Titus at the center of a fake TV show, and hang posters anywhere and everywhere Mikey might happen to see them. Sweet, trusting, innocent Mikey falls for the posters hook, line, and sinker. Mikey calls Titus to congratulate him on the new role, and Titus continues to take the scheme one step further, finding new excuses to spend time with Mikey.

The pair still have adorable chemistry together, although Mikey does confirm that he's still seeing the boyfriend from the boat. When Mikey asks to visit the set of Titus's fake show The Capist and meet Greg Kinnear (who was supposedly co-starring), forced with either owning up to his lie or concocting a fake TV set, including an appearance by Kinnear, Titus naturally opts for the latter. He miraculously pulls it off in a way that kind of makes you hope that someday, someone might concoct such an elaborate lie to impress you.

If Mikey suspects Titus is lying, he never lets on, which just goes to show that A.) he is actually pretty gullible, or B.) he truly does love Titus and want to spend time with him just as much as Titus does. The right answer is probably some combination of the two.


While Titus doesn't get caught in his lie, he and Mikey decide to part ways as friends at the end of the episode. It's a heartwarming little win for Titus, to avoid total embarrassment in front of Mikey, but it's also not too much of a victory, either. All that scheming just goes to show that Titus really isn't ready for a real relationship. Greg Kinnear, on the other hand, is so taken with Titus and The Capist, that he offers Titus and Jacqueline the chance to write up a script and send it to him for review.

This is the last time fans really see Mikey in the first six episodes. In the meantime, Titus does actually achieve some success in his career, getting a job as a drama teacher at a middle school. The idea of The Capist script is never really wrapped up, however, so maybe there will be more from that storyline in the second half of Season 4.


In an interview with The Atlanta Journal Constitution, actor Titus Burgess admitted that all he really wants for his character is what fans all want: for him to be with Mikey, and to have a halfway decent career. "All I can hope for him is to be happy and get a job," Burgess said. "I want what he wants. He always loved Mikey."

In the very end of Episode 6, Titus reaches up into his closet, pulling out a photo of him and Mikey. Then he takes out his phone and uses his monthly datum to — presumably — call up his ex. If this wasn't foreshadowing enough, Mike Carlsen is listed on IMDB as appearing in Episodes 8, 9, and 10. With just half a season to go, it does seem like these two are going to be endgame. Hopefully Mikey and Titus will have the time they need to work it out before the series finale arrives.