Veronika & Michael's Relationship Is Complicated After 'Second Wives Club'

Nicole Weingart/E! Entertainment

Have you ever wanted to take a peek into the luxurious lives of some of Beverly Hills' most successful couples? Well, that's good because E! is serving you up a steaming plate of flash and drama with its new reality series, Second Wives Club. The cast of the series is made up of women who aren't the first spouses of their husbands, plus their friends and families. And viewers might be surprised to learn that since the show filmed, not all of the couples featured in the series are still living in wedded bliss. According to E!, Veronika Obeng was the third woman to marry plastic surgeon Michael Obeng. But Veronika and Michael Obeng's relationship appears to have hit some snags after the first season wrapped.

Unfortunately for this pair, Veronika and Michael are not together currently, according to Variety. Veronika filed for divorce from Michael in July 2016. The same Variety article reports that, in a lawsuit that Michael filed against NBCUniversal earlier this year, he sought to block E! from airing Second Wives Club episode in which he and his children appear. Michael alleges that Veronika was the one who signed on for the show and that he only agreed to participate in the reality series because he believed it would help him professionally and that the portrayal of the couple would be positive. The suit includes the accusation that, "The Defendants constantly staged Plaintiff in artificial situations and demanded Plaintiff to engage in conflicts that were often fraudulent and deceptive." (An E! spokesperson told Variety, "E! has not received a complaint and will not comment on this matter." Bustle has reached out to the network for comment, and has not yet heard back.)

Veronika has told her side of the story on her lifestyle and mommy blog Modern Womanhood. She seems to be handling the divorce with a positive outlook, while still admitting that breakups are never easy. Though she and Michael are not together now, Veronika seems to be thriving as a mother. She posts a lot of family and fitness photos on her Instagram as well.

It will likely be a little sad to meet this couple on the series knowing that they will later divorce. Hopefully, Second Wives Club will show the Obengs having some good times too.