Ariana Grande Defended Her Dinner With Piers Morgan With A Series Of Thoughtful Tweets

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ariana Grande recently revealed on Twitter that she ended her feud with Piers Morgan over dinner on Feb. 20, or, at the very least, attempted to, and it seems that some of her fans weren't too pleased about the truce. Following days of social media backlash stemming from their meeting, Grande defended her dinner with Morgan in a series of tweets on Friday, Feb. 22, revealing that her chat with him in no way excused his previous comments, which many perceived to be misogynistic.

Grande took to Twitter to make it clear that just because she had dinner with Morgan doesn't mean she condones his behavior. In response to one fan's criticism about the meeting, which read: "He literally bodyshamed little mix.. Ari sweetie," Grande explained that addressing Morgan in person allowed her to "say everything on her mind." In her February 22 response, Grande tweeted:

"and we spoke about that... i am a peaceful but passionate person and i will kindly say everything on my mind to a person’s face if i have the chance. which i did. i don’t understand what is so evil about having conversations w people. in what world did i excuse what he has said?"

Commenting one another Twitter follower's claim that she was being "complacent," Grande went on to explain:

"i was anything but complacent in our conversation that none of u heard. it saddens me that u’d assume that just because i have hope that a person can change. i won’t stop having conversations w people i disagree w when i see the opportunity to. hope u would’ve done the same."

After getting support from one commenter, the 25-year-old entertainer revealed that she wasn't able to change Morgan's views, but saw the moment as an opportunity to openly share her feelings with the former America's Got Talent judge. She continued,

"like.... do people think i think i succeeded and that i’m some kind of f*cking miracle worker? f*ck no. are u all insane? bruh i just wanted to try. and speak my mind. i try my best to have faith in people. as hard as it is. anyway....... goodnight."

Grande and Morgan's recent sitdown stems from an online battle which ensued back in November of last year. After Morgan criticized her and British girl group Little Mix for using "nudity" to promote their careers, Grande defended a woman's right to use her sexuality in any way she chooses. On Nov. 31, she wrote, "I use my talent AND my sexuality all the time because I choose to. women can be sexual AND talented. naked and dignified. it’s OUR choice. & we will keep fighting til people understand. I say this w all due respect but thank u, next."

In a separate tweet, Grande continued:

"Also @piersmorgan, I look forward to the day you realize there are other ways to go about making yourself relevant than to criticize young, beautiful, successful women for everything they do. I think that’ll be a beautiful thing for you and your career or what’s left of it."

Now three months later, no doubt Grande is hoping that her recent dinner with Morgan will help him come to this realization. And, although Morgan has yet to change his tune about women and their right to own their own sexuality, he did admit on Twitter that the conversation gave him a "different perspective" on various issues. So the world will have to wait to see what, if anything, Morgan took away from their discussion.

While some may be against Grande's chat with Morgan, being able to directly speak her mind certainly had to come with a great deal of satisfaction. And there's no way anyone can be mad at that.