Ariana Grande's Take On The Kylie Jenner Meme Is A Bop Waiting To Happen

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"Rise and shine." With those three words, Kylie Jenner created the perfect wake-up song for Stormi, not to mention the perfect meme. Now it appears Jenner's new song has inspired Ariana Grande to request the rights so she can put her own spin on it.

Earlier this week, Jenner gave fans a tour of the Kylie Cosmetics office in a new YouTube video, which included a peek at Stormi's nursery. Those that made it to the end of the 16-minute video got to hear Jenner serenade her little girl. "Rise and shine," she sings to wake her little girl up, giving some serious Christina Aguilera vibes and taking over our timelines. So much so, even Jenner was shocked by the attention her singing got.

But it seems the viral clip also awakened something in Grande, who on Wednesday night posted a video of her lip synching Jenner's seconds long riff on her Instagram Stories. "@kyliejenner can I sample?" she politely asked.

Welp, what do you know, Jenner was a fan of Grande's interpretation, reposting the clip to her own Instagram Stories, with a message, "Yes, yes you can." But she did have one stipulation: "As long as I'm in the music video." Of course, Grande's fans were one step ahead of both of them, already making fan edits. If Grande asks, she shall receive.


Shortly after this exchange the Instagram user @ArianaCentrals posted their own video of the Jenner and Grande collaboration, which definitely had some fun with Photoshop. Using Jenner's original office tour video, the user Frankensteined together a new clip that swapped Grande out for Jenner.

While it's definitely makeshift, it was still good enough to get a response from Grande herself. "Thank you," she wrote in the comments of the @thegranderoom account, which reposted the video. No, thank you, Ariana, thank you.

Now, this fan's take on Grande's request is one way to make this collaboration happen, but let's be honest the world wants to actually see Grande singing her own version of "Rise And Shine." Not just those three words, but a whole song that would be worthy of a Jenner assisted video. Though, it will be hard for Jenner to compete with her mom Kris Jenner's cameo in "Thank U, Next."