Ariana Grande’s Behind-The-Scenes Look At Kris Jenner’s “Thank U, Next” Cameo Is Iconic

Yuh-nerys Sweatshirtborn of the House H2GKMO has another present for us. On Friday, Dec. 7, Ariana Grande released the second installment of the making of the “Thank U, Next” video. And in this part of Alfredo Flores’ behind-the-scenes series, we see Kris Jenner’s “Thank U, Next” scene. So, if you want to see even more footage of the matriarch of Keeping Up with the Kardashians dancing around in a pink tracksuit like the self-proclaimed cool mom of Mean Girls, no need to get out the wishing dust. (Oops, wrong '00s comedy reference.) Thanks to this new clip, your dream has already come true.

You should definitely watch every last second of this delightful video, but if you happen to be in a rush and only have time for the Kris stuff, the Kris stuff begins at the 7:11 mark. (Related: You should definitely watch the first BTS video, too.) For nearly two minutes, we get to see the momager pay homage to Amy Poehler's Mean Girls character, as well as yuk it up with the "Thank U, Next" cast and crew. It is nothing short of divine, and hey, Kimmy K warned us.

Do you remember when, all those weeks ago, Kim Kardashian tweeted, “I just witnessed the best funniest thing OF ALL TIME OMG @ArianaGrande” and everyone was like, “Oh, is that so?” Well, thanks to this behind-the-scenes special, we get to see Kim witness the best funniest thing OF ALL TIME OMG.

Kim was not on set, but someone at the music video shoot FaceTimed Kris's daughter and made sure the FaceTime Kim-ception was caught on camera. Not all heroes wear capes.

But Kim witnessing Kris's spot-on performance isn't the only thing that happens in this section of the BTS video. We see Kris cutting an auditorium rug, Ari hugging Kris, and Kris asking everyone on set to say hi to Kim via FaceTime. Oh, and we also hear Kris, one of the hardest working women on the planet, tell Ari, another one of the planet’s hardest working women, that she’s out of breath and doesn’t “know how you do this.”

She might've been tuckered out after she filmed her scene, but Kris never stopped bringing her Kris energy. As “Thank U, Next” director Hannah Lux Davis recently told Entertainment Weekly,

“She was fantastic. I never know when a bigger celebrity comes on, how much they’re going to be down to participate in the fun and not take themselves too seriously, but on the first take she was dancing and in it. She was fearless and it was cool to see her in action. She’s a smart lady and it was really fun to be around her and her energy.”

Thank u, Kris.

Tag yourself in this GIF. I'm the Christmas tree closest to Ari and Kris that cannot believe that of all the Christmas trees in the Christmas tree lot, it gets to be one of the Christmas trees in Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" music video.