Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Ran Into All Your TV Faves At Kanye West's Listening Party

by Parry Ernsberger
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not only are they all up in each other's Instagrams after finally deciding to go public with their love, but now they're all up on other stars' Instagrams, too. On June 7, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson went to Kanye West's listening party for his new album with Kid Cudi, Kids See Ghosts. While they were there, Grande and Davidson bumped into Ross Butler — AKA Zach Dempsey from 13 Reasons Why — who snapped a photo with the couple and shared it on Instagram.

Butler posted the photo with Grande and Davidson on June 8, the day after West and Cudi's joint album release festivities. "The people you'll run into while hiking the Santa Clarita mountains at midnight," Butler captioned the pic. "What a time to be alive." The trio was also joined by Justin Roiland, the co-creator of the Cartoon Network's animated series, Rick & Morty.

Fun fact: West is a huge fan of Rick & Morty. Like, has-watched-every-episode-five-times kind-of-huge, according to a tweet from the rapper on May 10. In fact, West is such a huge fan of Rick & Morty that — in addition to inviting Roiland to his June 7 listening party — West's wife, Kim Kardashian West, commissioned Roiland to create a very special Rick & Morty birthday song for her husband's 41st birthday on June 8. It is, um, how to put this ... let's go with "suggestive." You can listen to the song here (definitely not out loud at the office, though).

OK, back to the matter at hand: Butler's photo from the listening party. Butler and Roiland joined Davidson and Grande in the mountains of Santa Clarita, California for West and Cudi's event, which was apparently set up like a Wild, Wild West-esque ghost town — complete with a saloon! — according to Pitchfork.

Davidson posted his own photo from the party as well, but his was way more blurry and way more adorable (sorry, Ross). Davidson's photo is of him and Grande, who appear to be preparing for a very big smooch. Either that, or, perhaps they were just showing each other how they say "ahh" at the dentist? Or, maybe they were both making sure that the other person properly chewed and swallowed all of their food? Unclear. It's blurry. However, Davidson captioned the photo, "feel the love," so it was probably the open-mouthed kiss option.

Grande and Davidson have been all over each other's social media accounts as of late, after finally making their romance Instagram-official by posting their first photo together on May 30. In the sweet snap, the new couple donned Harry Potter-themed attire, including Hogwarts-style robes and house-specific sweatshirts. Davidson aligns with Gryffindor, and Grande belongs to Slytherin, in case you were curious. They stan hard for the franchise, obviously.

So hard, in fact, that Grande recently posted a video of her and Davidson discussing the story of The Boy Who Lived. “I don’t know these weird facts that you know,” Davidson says at the start. “They don’t advance the story."

The Saturday Night Live cast member continued, "Like me knowing what, like, Professor Quirrell’s favorite scarf is. That’s just not what Harry Potter was to me, you know? Like, I’ve seen each movie at least 20 times, I’m sorry I don’t know what, like, Dumbledore’s, like, cat when he was four’s name is because it didn't advance the f*ckin' story." OK, that's fair.

Clearly, Davidson and Grande are a match made in Hogwarts heaven — or any other kind of heaven, for that matter. They're just so darn cute. And, thanks to photos like the ones recently shared by Butler and Davidson from West and Cudi's listening party, now the rest of us can experience their cute-ness vicariously.