18 Times Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Flirted On Instagram

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Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande may be an unlikely celebrity pair, but it looks like these two are quite smitten with one another. Rumors about Davidson and Grande dating only started a couple weeks ago — and were soon followed by a confirmation from the two — but judging by their social media interactions, their relationship is very passionate. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's Instagram flirting is truly a sight to behold.

And while they've reportedly only been dating for a few weeks, Davidson and Grande may have already taken a huge step in their relationship. The two of them appear to have matching cloud tattoos on their hands. And based on their many social media interactions, it looks like clouds have a special meaning for Grande and Davidson. Grande has been using the cloud emoji in her own Instagram captions, as well as in comments on Davidson's Instagram posts. It's safe to say the couple is floating on Cloud 9 when they're together. (If that wasn't enough, Davidson also has two new tattoos that appear to be inspired by Grande.)

Here are the times Davidson and Grande have publicly flirted on Instagram so far — but based on how many interactions they've had on the app so far, it looks like these posts are just the beginning.


They Might Have Joked About Having Kids

Davidson shared a photo of himself with Atlanta star Brian Tyree Henry, captioning it "i'm having his kids 😝." Grande commented on the post, writing, "i look so good here," along with a heart-eyes emoji. Some fans thought Grande's joke-y comment was a suggestion that she and Davidson might have kids together one day.


Davidson Said He Was "The Luckiest Contest Winner Ever"


Plenty of fans have praised Grande's British Vogue cover, photographed by Craig McDean, but Davidson appears to be the biggest fan of all. When Grande shared the images on Instagram, Davidson commented, "ummmmmm hiiiiiiiiiiii. i'm the luckiest contest winner ever" on the post. If that weren't enough, Grande responded to his comment, writing, "sksjsjsjjajsjaa nahhh i am."


Davidson Supported Grande Backstage

Instagram/Ariana Grande

Grande and Davidson both shared images of themselves on their Instagram stories on the morning of June 6, using the same filter. In Grande's story, she appears to be getting ready for an appearance, and she zooms in on Davidson, standing in the back of the room. "Hi, just starting my new internship," Davidson jokes in the video, resulting in a room full of laughter. In Davidson's story, he and Grande are dancing to music and appear to be in a car. It wasn't the first time they've appeared on each other's stories, either — Grande recently posted about Davidson's standup show on her story, too.


Davidson Called Grande A "Young Legend"

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Grande shared a clip from her Wango Tango performance on Instagram, and Davidson commented "young legend" on the post. Grande responded to his comment with a monkey emoji and a heart emoji. Davidson also posted about the performance on his Instagram story, writing that Grande's set was "so f*cking lit."


Grande Called Davidson & His Friends "Legendz"

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Davidson shared a photo of himself in what looks like a DJ booth alongside a few other people, who he didn't tag in the post. Grande commented "hello legendz" on the photo.


Davidson Left A Ton Of Heart-Eye Emoji On Grande's Video

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Grande shared another video of a recent performance, and Davidson commented with a bunch of heart-eye emoji. Grande responded to his comment in turn with a string of cloud emoji.


Davidson Commented On A Photo Of Grande & Her Dog

Grande shared a sweet photo of herself holding her dog, and Davidson commented "twins," along with the heart-eye, thunderbolt, and cloud emoji.


Grande Wrote "I Thought U Into My Life" On A Photo Of Davidson

Grande shared a sweet photo of herself and Davidson on Instagram, with a romantic caption: "I thought u into my life 💭 woah ! look at my mind 💡⚡️🙈" Davidson commented on the post, writing, "the girl who lived," an apparent reference to their shared appreciation for the Harry Potter series (that definitely will come up again).


Davidson Called Himself Grande's "Proud Busband"

When Grande shared another Wango Tango video, Davidson commented "proud busband" on the post. Grande responded to the comment by writing "issabuzzbnd."


They Shared Their Hogwarts Houses

Davidson and Grande shared photos of themselves in Hogwarts attire on Instagram, which was the first clear confirmation of their relationship. The Saturday Night Live actor declared himself a Gryffindor, while Grande identifies as a Slytherin.


Grande Rushed To Be The "First Like" On Davidson's Silly Video

Davidson shared a lighthearted video of himself dancing on Instagram (still in the Gryffindor sweatshirt), and Grande commented "1st like," along with a heart emoji. There's also a woman laughing in the background of the video, which might be Grande herself.


Davidson Called Grande The "Caption Queen"

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Grande shared a photo of herself with KiD oRange, writing that they were both laughing and terrified because they were "sitting in eight billion insect nests." Davidson commented on the post, writing, "love this caption. caption queen." Meanwhile, Grande responded to Davidson, writing, "king of loving my captions."



In a silly video that Grande wrote was taken (or posted?) at 5:45 am, Davidson commented with a heart-eye emoji.


More Emoji

He also left a string of cloud, fire, and moon emoji on another one of Grande's video posts.


Even More Emoji

But the most telling emoji came in Davidson's comments on a post Grande shared that appeared to be about him. "Last night boy, i met u when i was sleeeep you're such a dream to me," the caption reads, along with a cloud emoji. Davidson commented "ummmmm hi," along with a drooling-face emoji.


Grande Commented On Davidson's Post About "Kindness Dust"

Davidson shared a video of himself holding what looks like a bottle of glitter labeled "kindness dust." Grande commented three emoji on the video: the cloud, the covered-eye monkey, and the fairy.


Joking About Harry Potter Knowledge

If it's not clear yet, the two of them really, really love Harry Potter. But based on this clip Grande shared on Instagram, it looks like she knows more of the tiny details about the series than Davidson does.


Grande Hinted At The Couple's Relationship With A Simple Emoji

Shortly after the rumors about the Grande and Davidson dating first began, Grande fueled the fire by leaving a blushing smiley face emoji on an Instagram post from Davidson. Even before they confirmed their relationship, these two were already flirting with each other online.

Davidson and Grande's pairing may be surprising to fans, but it looks like they're having plenty of fun together, both online and IRL. They're both supporting each other's professional endeavors, in person and on Instagram, and they're having fun while doing it. And if they ever want to spend a quiet night in together, it sounds like neither of them will ever tire of Harry Potter marathons.