Ariana Grande Wants Piggy Smallz To Win This Award So, So Much & Fans Can Make It Happen

by Parry Ernsberger
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

*Sirens blaring, lights flashing, Dangerous Woman bunny ears silhouette projecting onto the sky.* Attention, Arianators! The time has come. You've been summoned. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is a simple, yet very important task. Ariana Grande wants Piggy Smallz to win an iHeartRadio Music Award, which means you need to cast your vote ... like, now. Um, hello? Why are you still standing there?

On Jan. 9, iHeartRadio announced the nominees in the Cutest Musician's Pet category for the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards. There are seven nominees total, six of which are dogs and include Miss Asia, Lady Gaga's French bulldog; Hatchi, Perrie Edwards' Pomeranian; and Mooshu, Alex Pall's golden retriever. Stiff competition, no doubt.

One pet stands out among the rest, though, and that pet is Piggy Smallz: Ariana Grande's teacup pig. Shortly after the nominees for Cutest Musician's Pet were announced, Grande took to Twitter with a short video of Piggy, for your consideration. "guys," she captioned the clip, along with the hashtags, #PiggySmallz, #CutestPet, and #iHeartAwards.

The video is a mere 3 seconds long, but it is endlessly adorable. As the camera zooms in on Piggy's precious face, she lets out a tiny snort followed by a sound that can only be described as a Grande-esque, octave-spanning solo. Do most teacup pigs make that noise? Or do you think Grande's been giving her vocal training? Either way, her range is impressive.

In addition to the video she shared on Twitter, Grande pleaded with fans to vote for Piggy in an Instagram post on her account that has since been deleted. The caption of the post read,

"yo guys, honestly ... i don’t like to ask for things and i usually don’t … but can u please please be super diligent about the voting for @realpiggysmallz ? i appreciate my nominations as well @iheartradio i really do but honestly i don't need or deserve them .... piggy really does tho. that b*tch my rock. thank u guys ... i don’t ask for much"

You can see a fan screenshot of the post below.

Grande later added a comment that stated, "this is the most important award," and honestly? She's not wrong. Then Piggy herself added "' . nnndnsnsn '-," because of course.

The reason Grande ended up deleting the post remains unclear, but the post's message remains: Piggy Smallz deserves to win the Cutest Musician's Pet iHeart Radio Music Award. Period. End of story. If you need to be further convinced, though, just take a few minutes to scroll through Piggy Smallz's Instagram page. You will not be disappointed.

Look, all of the nominees are cute. That's why they were nominated. But Piggy Smallz is the cutest. And she's the only pig in the category, which definitely makes her stand out among the competition. You can vote for Piggy via Twitter from now until March 7 by using the hashtags #cutestpet, #iheartawards, and #piggysmallz. You can also check out the other nominees via this link on iHeart's website.