Ariana Grande Celebrated Mac Miller’s Dog With These Super Adorable Photos Of The Pup

by Parry Ernsberger
Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Exactly two years ago today — or somewhere thereabouts — a sweet little pitbull puppy found his forever home. Little did he know at the time, though, that'd he'd end up being taken in by not one, but two world-famous musicians. On Jan. 15, Ariana Grande paid tribute to Mac Miller's dog Myron on her Instagram Stories. The tribute was likely in honor of Myron's two-year Adoption Day anniversary, and the whole thing is probably going to leave you in tears. There'll likely be sad tears and happy tears pouring down your face, but you should definitely go grab some tissues either way.

Grande devoted five total snaps to Myron on her Instagram Stories, and they're all incredibly cute. Don't even bother trying to choose a favorite. Seriously, don't — it's an impossible task.

The first post came in the form of a short video, where it appears as if Grande might be looking down on the pup while running on a treadmill. He's sitting dutifully between the machine and a window, watching her while she gets her exercise on.

"happy two years of myron," Grande captioned the clip, followed by a black heart and lightening bolt emoji. "dunno what i'd do without him."

The second photo of Myron showed the pup on a couch, and there's bit of a glare reflecting onto him. Perhaps he's watching TV? Now, it's hard to say for sure, but doesn't it look like he's wearing a black and gold-trimmed jersey? Miller's hometown was Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and black and gold are the Steelers' team colors. Take that, paired with the glare, and it's probably safe to assume he was cheering on his dad's favorite team at the time the photo was taken.

The third shot of Myron was taken from behind, and is tinted in classic black and white. Seems like he's waiting patiently for something and being a very, very good boy. Next, there's a close-up of Myron looking too cute. He's perfectly perched on a black guitar case, puppy-dog eyes staring straight into the camera.

The final photo is of Myron and Grande, and this one might actually make you laugh. Grande's in bed, two disheveled, small buns atop her head, with Myron reaching up to play. "I don't exactly remember what happened here," Grande captioned the shot, "but i'd be doing a disservice by not sharing this with you. I think he chewed my buns while I was sleeping or something."

Myron obviously means the world to Grande, and it's easy to understand why. Miller adopted the pup back in 2017, according to People, and he and Grande were still dating at the time. Myron has been popping up a lot on her social media pages since Miller died in September 2018, though it's unclear whether or not she's fully adopted him as her own.

In fact, Myron means so much to Grande, that she got the dog's name permanently inked on her ankle in place of one she'd previously gotten with her ex, Pete Davidson. Myron no doubt misses Miller more than anyone can imagine, but he's clearly in good hands with Grande. Now, wipe those tears away and go celebrate his Adoption Day.