A Bunch Of Former 'Bachelor' Contestants Are Already In Hawaii For Arie & Lauren's Wedding

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As Colton Underwood's Bachelor season kicks off, Season 22's Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham are getting ready to tie the knot. The wedding will be on Saturday, Jan. 12, and it looks like everything's in place for the celebration. According to various Instagram updates, Arie and Lauren's pre-wedding activities included a pineapple-eating tour, a luau, and plenty of familiar Bachelor Nation faces.

The couple revealed last May that they'd be getting married in Maui at a venue called Haiku Mill. Now that it's the wedding weekend, the guests have started arriving in Hawaii, and they're getting ready to witness Arie and Lauren's marriage. And as far as Lauren's fellow Bachelor contestants go, there are a good handful of them who are with her in Maui — Jenna, Seinne, Maquel, Marikh, and Jacqueline are all there to watch the pair get hitched.

Based on the ladies' Instagram Story posts, the location for the wedding looks absolutely gorgeous. It also appears that Arie and Lauren aren't feeling many pre-wedding jitters or nervousness. Lauren joined her pals on a hike, and the ladies later met up with Arie for a pineapple tasting tour. The couple, along with the guests, are all smiles ahead of the big day.

Arie and Lauren, too, shared some photos of their own, taken by photographer Matias Ezcurra. "Life with you is all sunsets and rainbows ❤️ We're getting married tomorrow!" Arie captioned his Instagram post on Friday, where the pair is standing in front of a stunning, scenic background.

The couple arrived in Hawaii a few days ahead of time, too. And they got to recreate one of their Bachelor dates — without the TV cameras rolling this time. Arie took Lauren on a helicopter ride across Hawaii, and the two of them look super comfortable and relaxed. "Finally took @laureneburnham on a proper @bachelorabc helicopter date," Arie joked in his caption. (Check out those sweet snapshots here.)

It seems like a reference to Arie and Lauren's helicopter date in Peru on The Bachelor, during which Arie admitted to the cameras that he felt he was "reassuring" her at times. That's pretty understandable, given how much pressure the show's premise can put on contestants. But based on the couple's new photos, that somewhat awkward helicopter trip is a thing of the past.

Speaking of non-awkward moments, Bachelor fans shouldn't be surprised that some of Lauren's fellow contestants showed up for the wedding. After all, the same ladies were at Lauren's bachelorette party in Las Vegas last year. Still, it's nice to see that the competition stayed behind once the show ended, and that they're there to support their friend.

Plus, some of them have definitely moved on since the show, too. In an Instagram Story post from Hawaii, Seinne tagged Doug Fillmore, who appears to be her new boyfriend.

And for Lauren and Arie, the wedding week wouldn't be complete without an update from their third Instagram account. The couple has a separate Baby Luyendyk account to document Lauren's pregnancy, and they shared a photo of Lauren in Hawaii on that account, too. "Mom and Dad are getting married this week," the caption read.

Arie and Lauren are clearly more than ready to start this next chapter of their lives together. It sounds like their wedding will be beautiful, and they'll be surrounded by loved ones, including some of their fellow Bachelor alums.