Arie & Lauren's Wedding Took Inspiration From 'Twilight' In An Unexpected Way

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bachelor stars Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and Lauren Burnham got married in Maui over the weekend. So when it comes to their wedding-planning inspiration, luaus and tropical themes might come to fans' minds. But apparently, Twilight inspired Arie and Lauren's wedding, according to Us Weekly, which just goes to show that inspiration really can come from anywhere.

The couple's wedding planner, Kimiko Hosaki, told Us Weekly that Lauren sent her pictures from Twilight: Breaking Dawn as inspiration for what she wanted. It's hard to imagine a vampire like Edward Cullen at a sunny Hawaii wedding like Lauren's, but it sounds like she's a huge fan of the Twilight franchise.

"Almost every inspiration photo that Lauren would text to me would be from the movie," Hosaki explained to the magazine. It's safe to guess she's referring to Part 1 of the two Breaking Dawn movies, since that's when Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's characters tie the knot.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 featured an outdoor wedding for Bella and Edward, complete with sentimental music and an abundance of white flowers. Like Bella, Lauren chose to carry an all-white bouquet — so while there aren't a ton of similarities between her and Arie's wedding and the fictional one, they do have a minimalist color palette in common. (Lauren also chose to have her bridesmaids wear white, while the fictional Bella's wore copper-colored dresses.)

Arie and Lauren got married on Saturday, Jan. 11, surrounded by family and friends, as well as plenty of other Bachelor Nation members. Jacqueline, Seinne, Maquel, Jenna, and Marikh, who appeared alongside Lauren on Arie's Bachelor season, were all there to join in the festivities. And Chris Harrison officiated the wedding, a sweet nod to the unconventional way the two lovebirds met.

Harrison shared a message for Arie and Lauren on his own Instagram account, saying he was "honored" to officiate the wedding. And Lauren's fellow Bachelor contestants shared plenty of photos from the wedding on their Instagram Stories.

Lauren also shared a new photo from the wedding on Instagram Monday, along with a romantic caption about her new husband. "One lifetime with you will never be enough," she wrote. The photo shows the newlyweds in a secluded part of the island, enjoying a moment to themselves away from the well-wishing crowd. Aside from sharing pictures from the wedding, Lauren's also changed her Instagram name to Lauren Luyendyk, cementing the Bachelor couple's relationship.

And while the wedding is over, she and Arie are still sharing updates on the Instagram account they created for their baby on the way. They shared a new photo to the Baby Luyendyk account on Sunday, noting in the caption that they mentioned their future daughter in their wedding vows.

Lauren may have taken a bit of inspiration from the Twilight franchise, at least according to the couple's wedding planner. But based on all of the gorgeous photos they've shared, the ceremony was totally their own. Arie and Lauren's guests probably wouldn't have known about the Twilight influence, if Hosaki hadn't mentioned it to Us Weekly. Whatever the inspiration, though, this was one seriously beautiful wedding.