Arie Says Bekah M. Sharing His Post-‘Bachelor’ DMs Makes HER The Immature One, So There

ABC/Paul Hebert

It's probably downplaying things a little to say that it's been A Week for Bachelor Nation, and so far, it seems like there's no sign of things slowing down. Now, Arie has responded to Bekah M. posting DMs he sent her, and even though he says this is another sign of her immaturity, it actually seems like he might be calling the kettle black in this situation — especially after everything fans have witnessed from him over the past few days.

Just in case you missed the drama (and there's been a lot of it), after Monday night part one of the finale, Bekah took to Twitter to air out some dirty laundry. While the season was airing, Arie DM'd her a couple of times. It was casual conversation that was kept friendly and platonic, but even so, like Bekah said, talking to your ex while trying to make things work with another ex is definitely not the best look. And even though he didn't respond directly to her tweet, he definitely has a few choice words for her.

While talking to E! News on Wednesday, Arie shared his take on the situation... and let's just say he's not loving it.

"I think it just shows her immaturity," he said in the video interview. "I think that's the takeaway from it. I could add to that, but I'll just keep that to myself."

Hoo, boy. His controversial new fiancée, Lauren Burnham, also said after rolling her eyes, "I thought it was a little uncalled for, but I'm not surprised by it."

The shade is real, folks. Obviously, there is no universe in which any guy, former Bachelor or not, would be thrilled to find out that his ex had posted screenshots of their DMs on Twitter when he was supposed to be in a committed relationship with someone else. But at this point, it just sounds like Arie's butt hurt about her sharing the messages and throwing out the first, low hanging insult he could think of.

The "Bekah is immature" storyline lasted through most of The Bachelor this season, so at this point, it's feeling a little stale — especially since Bekah hasn't actually done anything to earn that, as far as what the cameras showed. In fact, on Women Tell All, she was a voice of reason during the segments where she was interviewed, saying that if Arie was so unsure about who he should propose to, he shouldn't have proposed to anyone, which could arguably have saved everyone a whole lot of heartache. And later in the evening, she added that Lauren should probably get out of the relationship as soon as possible, since Arie doesn't have the best track record... which isn't the worst advice she could have given.

She's also pointed out on Twitter how important it is to not blame Lauren for what's happened and that she doesn't deserve hate for this because it's not her fault. All of this seems mature, yes?

While sharing the DMs publicly could be seen as immature, it doesn't sound like Bekah shared them out of spite — just that she wanted people to have the full picture. If she wanted to stand up for her friend Becca and herself after she feels they were both treated unfairly by Arie, that's 100 percent understandable, and it doesn't necessarily make her immature. Being 22 (well, now 23) simply means you've been alive for less years than other people; using her age to put her down is, frankly, a really lazy criticism.

Now that this season of The Bachelor is finally over, it's probably time for us all to take a collective deep breath and focus on what really matters: Becca getting what she deserves as the next Bachelorette. If the guys she met on Women Tell All are any indication, it's going to be a fun season to witness.