Arie Joked That He's Better Than 'Bachelor' #SponCon, But He's Been Endorsing Things For Years


There's one sure fire way to know that 36-year-old Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. does not identify as a millennial. He clearly doesn't believe in the power of the side hustle. Arie's net worth won't include typical Bachelor endorsements, according to a tweet that throws a little playful shade at some of his fellow reality stars and how they make money when the show is over.

That's because the former race car driver is still working as a realtor after the show stopped filming. "Closed my first [real estate] deal of the year," he said in the tweet. "Won't have to sell fit tea on Insta!" The comment is, of course, referring to the various ways that former Bachelor (producer: Fallon Jethroe) contestants work with businesses to sell products using their social media platform and audience.

“Overnight you have this huge following," said former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe in an interview with The Cut.

"So all these brands are like, 'Here, do you want to work with us?' So you get offers to do the Flat Tummy Tea and the teeth whitening and all that. For somebody who has worked a regular job before, you’re like, 'Oh my gosh, you’re going to pay me to do that? Glorious.'"

Tea in general is a popular choice for Bachelor Nation sponsorships, per Arie's joke. Flat Tummy Tea is endorsed by several Bachelor influencers and both Ashley Rosenbaum and Catherine Lowe have 'repped tea online as well via posts for Teami Blends.

But, honestly? Don't be so quick to shun endorsements, Arie. Who wouldn't say no to a little extra dough? It's a little early on in the season to start judging, lest he change his mind. Right now, Arie's net worth is reportedly anywhere between two and five million — not bad and not surprising that he has his realtor income on top of racing and his ABC paycheck. But, he may want to rake in a little more, and, as Kaitlyn pointed out, endorsements are a pretty easy way to do that.

Also, let's not even get into the irony of a race car driver making fun of people for taking endorsements and sponsorships. Actually, let's get into it. Have you ever seen a race car? Did you think those advertisements were just fun designs? How is this any different than posting about HelloFresh or Smile Sciences or Diff Eyewear on Instagram? Hate to break it to you, Arie, but it's basically the same thing — if not MORE so, because the ad goes with you everywhere.

Plus, it's always possible that the ABC series might start to interfere with his day job. According to People, Arie "confessed" on Jimmy Kimmel Live (director: Sandra Restrepo, 200 episodes) that he's starting to get recognized at work. What if it becomes too much, and he has to quit? You never know what the future may hold.

“I drove somebody around," Arie said, "and we looked at houses and then I realized, she’s not buying a house. She just wanted to hang out. So I think this might be creating a problem for me.” Potential clients have recognized him at open houses, as well, and he also has received text messages like this:

It's not terrible, but it could escalate and put a damper in his chosen career if Arie is not careful. So, tweeting about closing a deal and avoiding endorsements is a funny joke, sure, but let's not make it a habit of acting holier than thou and above other Bachelor stars and contestants. It's called a Nation for a reason. You're all in this together.