Ashley Benson's New Hair Color Isn't What It Seems

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Winter has a habit of making you surround yourself with darkness — you reach for the dark lipstick shades, dive into black and grey clothes, and stick to your richer eye shadow palettes. But Ashley Benson's new hair breaks out of the mold, and in a bold way. Benson's new platinum hair is a refreshing change from the sea of dark browns and auburn that's typical of these sweater-wearing months.

But Benson isn't new to radical change, and this isn't her first dye job in months. In fact, just last month she traded in her trademark blonde locks for something a little more electric — on her birthday on Dec. 18, the Pretty Little Liars actress revealed a cotton candy pink hairstyle. The look had grunge undertones, what with her blonde roots purposefully left unattended, and the tint was a total surprise to her fans. Drastic as it may be, one can't deny that it looked amazing — but it seems like Benson is in need of a change once again.

A little over a month later, Benson is spotted with icy, platinum strands, taking her hair to nearly white. According to PopSugar, she teamed up with stylist Chad Wood to test out the eye-catching shade, which only looked all the more dramatic when contrasted with her dark, penciled-in brows. The look has a faintly Edie Sedgwick vibe to it, but unfortunately for us, it's only temporary. The lobbed hair is apparently just a wig.

"So how do we know this is a wig? Well, Benson took a Snapchat video of her hairstylist, Chad Wood, brushing a platinum wig right before she photographed herself with the icy 'do. We did the math," Glamour reported.

After Wood shook out the wig, Benson recorded her new, piece-y 'do, with Wood perfecting some strands around her face. So it's official, the bleached hair isn't permanent, but it could hint at a change to come.

It's tricky stripping hair from a baby pink down to a bright white, and could cause hair a lot of damage. While this wig could have been just a playful hangout with her stylist friend, Benson could also have been trying it out to see if it's worth going platinum later on in the upcoming months. It's possible — but in the meantime, whatever shade she chooses, she looks amazing.