Ashley I. Is Convinced She Knows How Peter's 'Bachelor' Season Will End

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Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor is already off to an interesting start, thanks in large part to his ex Hannah Brown, who appeared not once, but twice during the season premiere and still clearly has feelings for the handsome pilot. However, former Bachelor alum Ashley Iaconetti has a theory about Peter's Bachelor season and how Hannah's little visit will ultimately play out. Spoiler alert: if true, it would be the most dramatic twist in Bachelor history — seriously.

While recapping Monday night's premiere for Cosmopolitan, Ashley discussed why she thinks Peter is so confident that his Bachelor season won't be spoiled. "To me that means only one thing: He hasn’t picked a woman yet," she wrote, adding that she predicts "Peter is currently trying to decide between Hannah Brown and the girl he intended to give his final rose." If that's the case, it would make sense that Peter's ending can't be spoiled like so many seasons prior — because it has yet to fully play itself out.

Ashley went on to predict that Hannah won't choose to join Peter's season and that instead, the two of them will part ways with the knowledge that if they're both still thinking about each other at the end of their respective seasons (his on The Bachelor, hers on DWTS), then they will seriously consider giving their relationship another shot.

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The theory would also help to piece together the brief flash-forward that was shown during Monday's premiere, which found Peter on the brink of his final rose ceremony before being informed of something by Chris Harrison that instantly rattles him.

"I think Chris Harrison comes in right before Peter planned to give out his final rose and tells Peter, 'We all just found out Hannah won Dancing with the Stars but she said it didn’t feel right not to have you there celebrating with her,'" Ashley continued. "This throws Peter into a tizzy and he tells his 'final' girl that he needs to date Hannah IRL or he’ll always wonder 'what if.'" That would mean the After the Final Rose special wouldn't focus on if the Bachelor couple were still together — it would be about Peter making his final choice between Hannah and the last contestant left standing.

Given that Peter did consider leaving The Bachelor to be with Hannah, this theory definitely holds some water and could very well be how this season plays out. However, Charlize Theron has a different theory on the matter, which she shared with Ellen DeGeneres while appearing on The Ellen Show this week. As a fan of the show, Theron believes Hannah will become one of Peter's contestants. "Her suitcases are packed," she stated, as per E! News. "She is going in."

Only time will tell whose theory (if any) ends up being right, but chances are Peter's finale will be one episode you won't want to miss.