After 3 Rounds On The 'Bachelor' Franchise, Ashley I. Is Getting Her Own Show

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ashley Iaconetti is one of The Bachelor's biggest career success stories. She first competed on Chris Soules' season, and returned for The Bachelor in Paradise and is scheduled to appear on the upcoming Bachelor Winter Games. According to People, Ashley Iaconetti has a new show about about finding love, but it won't have much in common with the Bachelor franchise. The digital series is titled The Story of Us, and will premiere on KineticContent TV. Ashley will interview couples who have been together through a variety of obstacles, and analyze their relationships. The Bachelor alum said in the show's trailer that she was inspired by her own inability to find romance on reality-tv, despite competing multiple times. "I don't know if you know, but I've been on the Bachelor franchise three times trying to find the one," she says in the trailer for the show. "Instead of going on another reality show and trying to hunt down my husband, I'm going to hunt down success stories."

This is the latest project for the reality star, who already hosts the Almost Famous podcast with fellow Bachelor alum Ben Higgins. The two stars use the podcast as a platform to discuss all-things relationships and break down the current seasons of The Bachelor. This new series will focus more on Ashley's personal love life, and will allow her to interview couples on a variety of romantic matters. "I'm going to sit down with seven couples and ask them all the questions that I need answers to like how do you know when you've found the right one? Do soulmates even exist?" she explains in the trailer, which you can watch below. "And what about monogamy, is monogamy really that hard? Some people make it seem like it is but I don't think so. Then again, what do I know."

It was only a matter of time before Ashley, who is one of the most popular figures to come out of the franchise, got her own show. It's more surprising that it won't be in the style of the reality-competition that elevated her to fame. Instead, it will be more of a journalistic, sit-down conversation with the couples in question to look at how they navigate the choppy relationship waters.

In a recent interview with People, Ashley shared the story of how her own parents met. "My parents met 40 years ago this month at a bar on my mom’s 20th birthday. My dad had admired her from afar while my mom worked at a makeup counter at a New Jersey mall,” she said. “He couldn’t find the courage to talk to her until he ran into her at this bar. His opening line was ‘I’ve been watching you.’ My mom was freaked out.” Despite their awkward meeting, her parents have been together ever since. It's their relationship that inspires her to keep looking for a successful relationship.

"My dad reminds my sister and I, practically on a daily basis, how lucky he is to have our mom and how much he loves her. My parents’ love story has been an inspiration to me. I’m fascinated by how couples meet and end up sharing their lives together," she continued. “I’m excited and honored to get to tell the stories of how this season’s The Story of Us couples fell in love." The background of her parents meeting inspired the premise for the new show in part, and it's likely the show will focus on couple's who have sustained a relationship.

Unfortunately, Ashley hasn't yet found love on The Bachelor. She made it far in Chris Soules season, but was ultimately sent home the 6th week. While on The Bachelor in Paradise, she pursued Jared Haibon for two seasons, but he ultimately was not ready to commit to a serious relationship. When asked about the experience after Paradise, she wasn't sure if she would return to the franchise. She's since had a change of heart, and will come back for ABC's new show for Bachelor Winter Games.

The Story of Us premieres on Feb. 1, and fans can watch it online at the KineticContent YouTube channel. It will air just a couple of weeks before the Bachelor Winter Games, so after Ashley interviews couples for their relationship secrets, there's still another chance for her to find love. The third time could be the charm.