Will Ashley & Jared Be On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 4? Don't Hold Your Breath


Bachelor in Paradise premiered on Monday night in the first part of its two-night special, but there is some bad news for Bachelor Nation. Some fans are wondering whether a certain short-lived couple will reuinte on the show. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon will be on Bachelor In Paradise Season 4, so fans will have to let that dream go.

To be fair, ABC said that additional cast members will be added later in the season, and Ashley and Jared could show up to shake things up. But their return doesn't seem likely because both have spoken out about not being on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. But it sure would be interesting to see Jared and Ashley interact with Corinne, who they've been vocal about disliking in the past.

Ashley had particularly strong feelings about the Bachelor Season 21 villain after she slept through a rose ceremony, telling US Weekly,

"If you have a rose, you’re so fortunate to have a rose. I know it sounds so silly, but I never had that luxury of standing there with a rose, and if you have it you’ve got to cherish it and don’t be too good and go to sleep."

Iaconetti has been outspoken on social media about not returning to paradise, saying on Instagram that the "Paradise break is good" for her and Haibon's friendship. She also posted a photo of the pair on Twitter with the caption, "Can't wait to watch more dysfunctional relationships form!" All of this suggests that neither she nor Haibon will return to BiP at all this season. Yet she did post one suspicious Tweet hinting that she (and her iconic tears) could possibly make an appearance on the show.

Because almost all of the Bachelor contestant turned re-capper's statements about this season of Bachelor in Paradise have been clearly about not being on the show, I would guess that she means her tears will be featured in some kind of flashback. Ashley may have proven YOPO wrong, but she probably won't prove YOPT — that is, You Only Paradise Twice — wrong also. Besides, what could she possibly have to cry about in her FIRST appearance of the season? Actually... Don't answer that.

We definitely would like to see Iaconetti reunited with her former-crush turned BFF Jared Haibon, but things could also be interesting between she and Bachelor in Paradise contestant Dean Unglert since the two have sparked romance rumors.

There are still so many unknowns about this season of BIP... including who might still show up. But one thing is for certain — it's bound to be a fun — and unpredictable — season.