Away Makes Mini Suitcases For Your Toiletries & They're Only $34


Finding a good toiletry case is one of the banes of traveling, but the re-released Away Mini Travel Case could be a solid contender. The case is a shrunken-down version of the Away suitcase minus the wheels, making it an adorable option to house your shampoo bottles and skincare pots.

"The tiniest Away suitcase is back for a limited time. It's our classic luggage sized down, designed to stow your toiletries, essentials for a night out, or whatever else you need for wherever you're headed," the product description reads. The case costs $35 and comes in a whopping nine different color options, letting you choose the one that speaks to you the most.

The case is about the size of a tablet, and weighs only .35 pounds. Every frequent flyer knows that the weight of a case is important if they want to make it under the weight limit cap, so the case keeps that in mind. The kit also has polycarbonate shell with a zipper closure, mimicking the look and feel of the Away suitcase design.

The inside of the case lets you store everything from your makeup palettes to your assortment of TSA-friendly liquid bottles, and it also has a mesh pocket to keep your smaller items in an easy to reach spot.

If you want one of these cases for yourself, you're going to have to act fast. They were originally made as a promotional item for editors, but since the mini cases were so well received Away decided to make the kits for anyone with $35 in their pocket. When the mini cases released back in Dec. 2017 as a gift set, they sold out very quickly. People love a cute scaled-down version of their suitcases, so it's no surprise these were on the market for a limited time.

The cases are great for a whole assortment of things. Thanks to their hard shells, you can cram them with all of your essentials without having to deal with awkward bulges. The hard case is also great for protecting your breakable and spill-prone products, like foundations and concealers. If you want to take the case with you in your carry-on bag, just put all of your liquids into a plastic bag for the security check and you're set.

If you don't travel that much and only find yourself at the airport once a year, this case can still be a staple in your bag. It's a great way to keep your beauty items separate from everything else in your purse. If you want to take an eyeshadow palette, mini hairspray, and foundation bottle with you to work as an emergency happy hour touch-up kit, then the Away Mini Case has you covered.

You can also pop it into your gym bag for beauty touch-ups after your workout, or store all of your essentials in the mini case when going to the beach. The hard shell will keep your items safe from the sand.

If you have an Away suitcase, you can also match your mini travel case to the actual color of your luggage. But act fast — these toiletry cases are sure to sell out in a snap.