Aziz Ansari Will Host 'Saturday Night Live' For The First Time & It's Sure To Prepare You For 'Master Of None' Season 2

Matthew Eisman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

2017 has gotten off to a positive start in many ways, and it feels as if the good news keeps on coming. On Tuesday, it was announced that Aziz Ansari is hosting Saturday Night Live on Jan. 21, which is the best way to prepare for the rest of the year. It's especially exciting since Season 2 of Ansari's show Master Of None is due on Netflix later this year, so his appearance on SNL will remind viewers why they need his series so badly. According to Variety, this marks the SNL debut of Ansari, which might surprise fans, seeing as the comedian is so prolific.

Ansari will be joined by musical guest Big Sean, so the episode promises to be fun-filled and hilarious. The Parks And Recreation star isn't afraid to make fun of himself and is also known for his political comedy and his dissection of romance in the internet age. Master Of None, in particular, was a masterclass in exploring racial stereotypes, and Ansari is also vocal about his love life, including in his book Modern Romance. Season 1 of Master Of None was released on Netflix in Nov. 2015, so Ansari's appearance on SNL will prepare fans for the second season.


In Aug. 2016, Ansari talked about Season 2 of Master Of None to The Hollywood Reporter. He said, "We're done writing, and we start shooting in a couple of weeks," meaning that fans shouldn't have too much longer to wait before Netflix releases new episodes. In fact, he mused that, "It won't come out until, like, April," though no official release date has been set as yet.

On the wait between seasons, Ansari explained,

This show isn't the type of show where we're going to be able to just turn around and turn it in right away. We covered so much stuff in Season 1 and wanted to make sure the ideas we had in Season 2 were equally interesting and the episodes were just as ambitious.

There's no doubt that Ansari and co-creator Alan Yang have made an awesome second season of Master Of None. By hosting SNL on Jan. 21, Ansari will remind the world why we need him on our screens more than ever.