Alexis Was Born For ‘Bachelor In Paradise'

Rick Rowell/ABC

We are in the homestretch of Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, so you know what that means: Bachelor in Paradise, the greatest gift to summertime, is waiting in the wings with a piña colada in its hand and a talking raccoon in its heart. My body couldn’t be more ready. One of the billion reasons why I am stoked: It sounds like one of my favorite Bachelor: Viall Edition stars might be gearing up for the forthcoming season. When E! News spoke to Alexis Waters about Bachelor in Paradise at the Women Tell All taping, the semiaquatic contestant said she wants to YOPO. And I am all for it.

She of dolphin/shark costume fame did not confirm whether or not she will be on BiP, but she did say she'd totally be on board to take part in the beachfront bacchanal. “Hell yeah, I’m so down for it,” Waters told the publication. “I want to do it so bad. But we’ll see if I’m still single.”

And as far as her Bachelor co-stars go, Waters said she wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of Season 21 faces on the BiP Season 4 roster: “We have a really good season. We have a really good cast of fun girls, so I feel like we’re all going. I mean, hopefully.”

Oh, but the champion of the Season 21 premiere doesn’t just want to go to Paradise. I mean, yes, she clearly really would like to be a contestant on the program, but it goes deeper than that: Waters was born for the Bachelor spinoff. “I feel like I came out of the womb for Bachelor in Paradise,” Waters told E! News. “I feel like they only cast me [on The Bachelor] for Bachelor in Paradise.”

Waters has to be on Bachelor in Paradise, and not just because she quickly proved herself to be terrific at reality TV (drunkenly climbing into the Bachelor Mansion pool while still in a shark/dolphin costume on night one was one of the best moments of the season, no question). Waters has to be on Bachelor in Paradise because she came out of the womb for Bachelor in Paradise. Bachelor in Paradise is her destiny. She was born for it. It is kismet. It is written in the stars that shine above Bachelor Nation.

To deny Waters the chance to find love in Paradise would be to fin-y fate.