Alexis & 'BiP' Are A Match Made In 'Bach' Heaven

Rick Rowell/ABC

Once the frontrunners on The Bachelor are in place (and by now, I really feel like they are in terms of Nick Viall's season), it’s time for Bachelor Nation to play a new game. It’s called “who can I watch again this summer on Bachelor In Paradise?” Spinoff show BiP isn’t just the consolation prize for eliminated contestants. It’s better! Bachelor In Paradise is the best of the Bachelor bunch because it’s the most no-pressure show you can be on. You show up, listen to Jorge the Bartender dole out advice, and hang out with some people you may be interested in. What’s not to like about that? And, this season we could see fan favorite Alexis on Bachelor In Paradise after The Bachelor.

I’m not quite assured that dolphin lover extraordinaire Alexis and Nick are really hitting it off on The Bachelor. They get along fine, but I’m not really seeing a love connection here. Their gabbing is more on a friendship level than an “I-want-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life” level. Thus, I imagine that Alexis will be free as soon as she does not get a rose on The Bachelor. Perhaps Alexis could find love on Bachelor In Paradise instead of The Bachelor? It worked for Tanner and Jade and Carly and Evan!

Bachelor In Paradise doesn’t start filming usually until the summer, so it’s way, way too early for any casting news. Also, if producers were to reveal who wanted to be on Bachelor In Paradise, it would obviously provide The Bachelor spoilers. A gal can dream, though, and I think that Alexis should be on Bachelor In Paradise. Here are a few Bachelor alumni that I think she’d hit it off with down in Mexico.


Is this the most obvious pairing in Bachelor history or what? Vinny left Bachelor In Paradise 3 alone because Izzy, the Bachelor contestant he had been dating all series, couldn’t decide if she wanted to stick it out with him for good (and she was well within her right to question this — no shame here). Alexis and Vinny come from around the same place (Alexis is from New Jersey, Vinny is from Long Island), their accents are amazing, they like to party (Vinny is a DJ), and I’ve never heard Vinny speak ill of a dolphin in the seasons I’ve seen him on television. Game, set, love match.


OK, hear me out. Chad is a spectacle and he was sometimes hard to watch on The Bachelorette, but Alexis is a spectacle, too. She’s not loud in the way that Corinne is or angry in the way that Chad was, but she does like to solicit some laughs. Maybe Alexis is just what Chad needs to lighten up a little. Unsure about how he feels about dolphins, but since he seemed to eat nothing but turkey (and no sea creatures), I bet he’s a friend to the bottlenose.


The resident Canadian with the resident New Jersey resident? Both Daniel and Alexis are very attractive and full of nonsensicalities. I’m not sure that 75 percent of what Daniel said while on Bachelor In Paradise made any sense. But he loved a good laugh and so does Alexis, so I see them hitting it off splendidly.

Alexis is all about the sea life, so finding love in tropical Bachelor In Paradise could be a perfect fit. I hope to see her there next summer.