Seinne Responded To Fans Who Think She's "Too Good" For 'The Bachelor'


As Arie cycles through his one-on-one dates on The Bachelor, fans are starting to learn a lot about the women chosen for his season. Limo arrivals have too much noise — the one-on-ones are where it’s at. Arie’s latest date? Seinne, the charming, highly-educated, commercial real estate manager from California. Their date included a thrill-seeking time in Lake Tahoe and a deep conversation (on Seinne's part), which prompted many fans to claim that Seinne is too good for Bachelor Arie. But Seinne, to her credit, disagrees.

According to her ABC.com bio, Seinne is a 27-year-old Yale-educated elephant lover. She loves New Year’s Eve, Game Of Thrones (even though she sometimes finds it confusing, which is highly relatable), and confidence in a mate. Seinne is also beautiful, so suffice it to say that she is the total package. Any person would be lucky to date Seinne. Unfortunately, according to Seinne’s fans on Twitter, Arie would be really, really lucky to have Seinne by his side because they think Seinne outranks Arie in every way. After watching their one-on-one parasailing/picnic/Hard Rock Casino dinner date on The Bachelor (producer: Nikki Lazaran) and the ensuing conversation, Bachelor Nation’s favor slowly turned from “Hey, this Arie guy isn’t so bad” to “Seinne should win everything, all the time ever, and be the next Bachelorette, too.”

Seinne, to her credit, has already dismissed this line of thinking, saying that what is "too good" anyway, you know?

If there was such a thing as "too good," Seinne, it has your picture next to it. Seinne is an accomplished dancer. She was a pageant queen. She went to Yale. She loves her family. She's a yogi. Chris Harrison told People that Seinne was one to watch. “This girl is flat out impressive," he said. "She’s incredibly intelligent and she definitely has this zest for life that Arie is in awe of. He’s a little bit mesmerized by her.”

Seinne is awesome and anyone would be lucky to be standing by her side, but on one level, I do get what Seinne is saying here about the show. Even though she stands out from the average contestant, who is to say that she can't find love on a show like The Bachelor? Stranger things have certainly happened, and if she and Arie are feeling each other, none of us are here to naysay that.

And they may well be feeling each other, as their date went extremely well. It started with parasailing over Lake Tahoe, and then it moved into a romantic picnic for two. After an outfit change, Arie and Seinne hit the Hard Rock Casino for dinner and some deep conversation. Seinne opened up about her parent's tough marriage and how she wanted to make things better for herself in her own relationships. Arie mostly said, "That's interesting" and "Uh-huh," because let's face it — the man is not a conversationalist.

Arie told Seinne that, on the night they met, he learned more about her in two minutes than most of the other women. And he said that she's a really good kisser (add that to her list of accomplishment list). In any case, they ended the date slowly dancing to a private-ish band, and it was a beautiful moment. Seinne has a chance to take Arie's heart home with her, for sure.

For now, though, we wait. There are a lot of miles ahead (literally and figuratively) on The Bachelor, and Arie has a dozen other women to date through before he decides on a wife and partner. Seinne, to her credit, has a good shot. And, if it doesn't work out with Arie? Well, guys will be lining up for her.