'Bachelor' Nation Stars' Comments About Ashley & Jared's Engagement Are Totally Missing The Point

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Dean Unglert/Twitter

Becca Kufrin may still be on her journey to find love on The Bachelorette, but that hasn't stopped other alums from the reality dating show franchise, like Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon, from making plans to tie the knot. People was the first to break the news that Bachelor stars Ashley and Jared are now engaged, but while many are thrilled to see Ashley finally get her Mr. Right, the couple's exciting news is getting a little overshadowed thanks to a few of their friends. In short, some of the Bachelor men are making Ashley and Jared's engagement about them and even though it seems to be happening all in good fun, it needs to stop.

As everyone who has gone through the whole engagement announcement process knows, it's a pretty wonderful time. Seeing so many people you love send kind words your way, wishing you both the very best for the future, is always a nice experience. Even if you aren't someone who likes being the center of attention, it's impossible not to feel positively impacted by the experience. So when someone comes along and tries to take any part of that away from a happy couple, it can be a little annoying. This feels particularly relevant when it comes to Ashley, who has gone through quite the romantic roller coaster ride before finally finding her happily ever after. She deserves this moment to be all about her, regardless of how well-intentioned the comments from her fellow Bachelor comrades are meant to be.

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Let's kick things off with Dean Unglert, best known from Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette and for finding himself in a love triangle with Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard on Bachelor in Paradise. Dean's relationship with Bachelor Nation is somewhat of a mixed bag, given how he strung Kristina along for the longest time while still trying to keep his options open with Danielle L.. However, he's remained a core part of the Bachelor alum group, hanging out with past contestants fairly regularly, including Ashley and Jared.

In fact, he's so close to the newly engaged couple that he felt the need to take to Twitter shortly after news of their upcoming nuptials broke, revealing that he actually predicted that the engagement was coming, but was hurt by the fact that Jared didn't share his proposal plans with him before doing it. "Right before Jared left for Mexico I guessed this was going to happen and he denied it! I feel betrayed," the tweet reads. "Oh also, I’m happy for you two...or something."

Obviously, this is meant to be a joke, but it still pulls focus from the people who actually deserve the attention. Is it really important whether or not Dean suspected this was coming? Not really. And even though it was said in a kidding sort of way, he could be using humor to cover a little bit of resentment he has for not being part of the inner-circle who knew Jared's plans. This could've just been his way to say congratulations without getting all mushy about it, but it can be hard to read the tone of a tweet, and this one definitely comes off as trying to steal Jared and Ashley's thunder a little bit.

Not to be outdone, former Bachelor Nick Viall responded to Dean's message with a tweet of his own that also made Ashley and Jared's big moment more about him than them. "Then this will really hurt," he wrote, responding to Dean's betrayal for not being told about the proposal in advance. "I knew."

Look, it's not that I'm against a little friendly jabbing between friends — and it's true that both Dean and Nick are very close to Ashley and Jared. For all we know, they offered more sincere congratulations to the couple in person that none of us got to see. But from a pure social media standpoint, it would've been nice to see these guys make the news a little more about their friends finding love and a little less about them.