Raven Has A New Business After Her Time On ‘BiP' & It's An Adorable One

ABC/Bob D’Amico

Pretty much everyone who watched Raven Gates on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise has noticed her standout style, which makes sense since she does have her own fashion boutique. Now, Raven is opening a new children's clothing store and expanding her existing business. The Arkansas resident already owns a women's clothing boutique called Grey Suede, and the new kids store will be called Baby Graye (although the different spelling of the word "grey" is admittedly a bit confusing).

Raven shared the news in an Instagram post on November 20, writing,

I'm so excited to announce the beginning of @shopbabygraye! My best friend since pre-school, @whitleer09, and I have been working really hard to get Baby Graye going!! - Whitlee has 2 kids of her own ( a boy, Judah who's 2 years & a girl, Galilee who's 8 months!) She has been the creative mind behind this- and there's more we're working on! Can't wait for you to follow this journey with us! || swipe over to see more pictures of kiddos from our hometown of Hoxie!!

It's hard to watch Raven on TV or follow her on Instagram and not want to emulate her style by shopping at Grey Suede. Now, newborns and toddlers can step up their fashion game, as well, with outfits and accessories from Baby Graye.

As of now, it does not seem like Baby Graye has a physical location, but the store is online and on Instagram, of course. A November 20, Instagram post on the Baby Graye account revealed that there will be a pop-up shop at Raven's original store Grey Suede for a whole weekend starting on Black Friday.

Before officially announcing the news, Raven revealed her plans for another store in an interview on her BIP costar Dean Unglert's podcast, Help! I Suck At Dating. Raven told Dean, "I'm in the process of doing a lot of things with my business. I'm starting another business."

During the episode that was released on November 6, Raven explained, "I am creating another store and this is for children. It will be for newborns to 5T. I'm working really hard on that, and hopefully, it will be up and running in the next week."

Raven's boyfriend, Adam Gottschalk, who lives in Dallas, Texas, was also in on the interview and he shared some thoughts on her business. He admitted, "To my benefit, Raven wants to get out of Arkansas and eventually expand her business into a bigger city that's maybe a little more — I'm not going to call it business friendly, but Texas really is for small businesses that are looking to start."

Plus, Raven's Bachelor besties Rachel Lindsay and Sarah Vendal live in Dallas, and her girl Alexis Waters has a boyfriend who lives in Dallas. Maybe Dallas would be a great move for Raven, both professionally, socially, and romantically, of course.

Even though Raven and Adam are making their long distance relationship work, it is not something they want to do forever. Raven said, "Our end goal is to not always be long distance and I think that's key when you're in a long distance relationship. It's not going to be forever and if it is, then maybe you shouldn't be in a long distance relationship."

Does this mean that there will be another Grey Suede or Baby Graye location in the Dallas area? I'm sure her Texan fans hope so. Adam is in real estate, so maybe he can help her find the perfect space to set up a store. It all adds up.

Adam shared, "I think that's something we eventually want to build up to and you want to settle down with somebody. Raven always told me, 'No, you're not going to come here to Arkansas. It's not for you.' Wherever life takes us, we will just ride from here."

It really seems like it's all coming together for Raven. Being on Season 21 of The Bachelor has put Grey Suede in the spotlight. She found love on Bachelor in Paradise with Adam. Now, she has children's boutique in the works and she might be able to combine her love life and her professional life if she moves to the same city as Adam and expands her growing empire. Way to go, Raven.