You Will Never Meet Someone Who Loves Boxes More Than This 'Bachelorette' Contestant

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Apparently, there's a member of royalty on Hannah's Bachelorette season, because Joe is the Box King. That seems to be a self-appointed title, but there's no denying he deserves it. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who loves cardboard boxes more than Joe. That's because, according to his ABC bio, Joe's family is in the cardboard box business — aka they make packaging for all kinds of products (including pizza, according to a photo on Joe's Instagram).

Joe loves boxes so much that he showed up to Hannah B.'s season in one. Limo exit, who? Press photos (shown below) from the ABC site show that Joe popped out of a box marked "fragile" and spread packing peanuts everywhere. Hannah can later be seen playing in the peanuts like they're snowflakes. Chris Harrison is also shown cleaning up the peanuts with a shovel, but the host didn't seem to mind that much. He still talked Joe's business savvy up when introducing the contestants in a YouTube video. "[Joe] really has a crazy successful business with boxes," Harrison said.

According to his LinkedIn, Joe started his packaging career working for packaging companies Temple-Inland and PCA. After a couple of years there, he moved over to Continental Packaging. He's worked there for six years and is listed as an account representative. He went to North Park University for a Bachelor of Business Administration, and it seems he put his business brain to work right away after graduation. But while he clearly takes boxes pretty seriously, he had a little more fun with his profession during Bachelorette premiere night.

Here He Is Popping Out Of The Box

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Here's Hannah Playing In The Peanuts

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Glad she got to have some fun, too.

Here's Chris Harrison Cleaning Them Up

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Ever the dutiful host.

Joe's Instagram documents his rise to Box King over the years, and his bio implores that people "don't think outside the box." After all, the box is his livelihood. In one Instagram video he's in a box factory as he's chanting, "We love boxes! Boxes are the best!" In another post he gives a thumbs up while sitting on a stack of boxes.

In a photo taken a few days ago, he's sitting in his car and the backseat is piled high with cardboard. "If your backseat doesn’t look like this, you obviously don’t sell boxes or you need to sell more," he wrote in the caption.

But as passionate as this 30-year-old Chicagoan may be about boxes, he's open to other career paths as well. In December 2018, he posted on Instagram that he was joining Pearson Realty Group as a real estate agent. He wrote in the caption:

"Whether you are looking for warehouse space for a manufacturing facility or a home for you and your loved ones, I will be more than happy to assist you with your real estate needs. I also have a surplus of boxes!"

With that final line, it doesn't seem like he ditched the box business for good, just that he is expanding his interests. His LinkedIn does not list Pearson Realty Group, though, so it's unclear if that career change stuck. In any case, Joe won't be known by Bachelorette fans as a real estate agent. Not when Box King is the alternative (and way cooler) job title.