Why 'Bachelorette' Fans Think Peter & Tyler C. Are The *Real* OTP On The Show

ABC/Ed Herrera

Amid all the relentless Luke P. drama, the friendship between Peter and Tyler C. on The Bachelorette has been one of the most enjoyable things to watch this season. As individuals, they've been two of the most beloved contestants, and their clear love for one another has only heightened that. Despite both dating the same woman at the same time, they've managed to forge quite an adorable bond.

During the week before hometowns, Hannah had to narrow the guys down from six to four. And after Tyler C. and Jed received roses to, they anxiously anticipated who would return from Luke P., Peter, and Garrett's three-on-one. Naturally, they hoped that anyone but Luke P. would walk through the door. So when Peter stepped in with a rose on his lapel, Tyler C. couldn't help but attack him with the most enthusiastic hug. "I genuinely want the world for Hannah," he said. "So to see Peter walk through that door means that another great gentleman is back."

That comment from Tyler revealed a lot about his character, and it also confirmed his new friendship with Peter, regardless of who ends up with the final rose. The night the bro hug episode aired, Tyler admitted his admiration for Peter on Twitter. "Love me some peter as you all can tell," he tweeted. And the Bachelorette fandom couldn't handle it.

In fact, some viewers are more interested in the two's friendship than Hannah's love life, and called for an official spinoff.

They've even been dubbed Peter and Tyler "the true couple" of the season.

And Tyler isn't afraid to show off his love for Peter, because he continues to embrace it and broadcast it on social media. Watching Peter's hometown date, he tweeted some comments that took their bromance to the next level.

For his hometown, Peter took Hannah on a ride in his Mercedes and Hannah, being the open and real person she is, unabashedly started investigating his middle storage console, where she found a single condom. Of course, Peter became extremely flustered and did everything he could to change the subject. Tyler's reaction to this moment was perfect. "Peter you dog you," he wrote. Safety first, right?

Then, he said what everyone at home was thinking, too: "I'm trying to have peter take me out on a date."

Presumably enjoying the reaction to his first few Peter tweets (and of course, enjoying Peter), he continued gushing over the pilot, complimenting his glowing appearance. "The way the water is reflecting off of Peters face," he wrote, ending the tweet with a drooling emoji.

Now that we know all four guys — Tyler, Peter, Jed, and Luke P. — will be hanging around for another week after Hannah decided to keep them, Tyler and Peter will be continuing their dynamic BFFship. And when the time comes for one of them to go home, it may be the most devastating goodbye of the season. So get your tissues ready.