Margarita-Inspired Bath Bombs Exist So You Can Sip & Dip

If you have ever sipped on a margarita and wished you could swim in it, then your booze-fueled fantasies are about to come true. A restaurant is releasing margarita-inspired bath bombs just in time for National Margarita Day on Feb. 21-22, and it's going to let you live your best life. The genius restaurant is Bahama Breeze Island Grille, a purveyor of Caribbean cuisine and tropical drinks, and their limited edition collection of alcoholic-inspired bath bombs will allow guests to "sip — and take a dip — in their favorite cocktail," according to the release.

The collection is made up of three different bath bombs reminiscent of the restaurant’s margarita offerings, and the bundle is available for $15 starting on Feb. 22 at 10 a.m. EST. If you're wondering how a bar and grill is pulling off creating skincare products, the answer is that they partnered up with Latika Body Essentials, which is a skincare and bath bomb brand that uses all-natural ingredients and oils.

Latika Body Essentials is a family-owned brand run by a husband and wife duo that is proudly handmade in Austin. They are cruelty-free —where they never test on animals and are committed to only work with cruelty free suppliers — and most of their products are vegan. The word Latika means “little plant," and they have fun beauty products like Geode Bath Bombs, Cupcake Soaps, and Macaron Lip Scrubs. (And during the holidays they had a "Bag of Coal" soap gift set — aw.)

Now they can add margarita bath bombs to their running list. For this particular collection, the two brands created three bath bombs inspired by margaritas found on Bahama Breeze's menu. The first option is inspired by a new drink debuting at the restaurant this month: "Mystic Margarita" is a color-changing concoction that will diffuse your bathroom with scents of pineapple, prickly pear, and passion fruit. A yellow bath bomb with swirls of hot pink and gold glitter, it will be the perfect thing to soak in while simultaneously sipping on a fruity cocktail.

"Coconut-Pineapple Margarita" is another new drink on the roster, and it is where a Piña meets a coconut. It will release a coconut-pineapple scent while soothing your skin with coconut oils, and is a white bath bomb with yellow and silver flecks. It will toss you right into an island escape without ever leaving your zip code.

Then the "Classic Margarita" plays homage to the classic 'rita we all know and love. Just like the cocktail, the fizzy bath version is lime-colored, margarita-scented, and is sea salt-flecked. Just like the glass, it's lime colored on the outside with sea salt flakes on the inside. All you need to do is add tequila, and you're basically swimming in your favorite drink.

This boozy collection is the perfect way to sip and dip, and if you want a chance to get it for free, you can join in on a giveaway. After National Margarita Day, guests can keep an eye on Bahama Breeze’s Instagram for chances to win their own margarita-inspired bath bomb collection.

Grab your robe and a tiny paper umbrella for your glass, and get ready for a whole new bath soak experience.