Here's A Picture Of Emilia Clarke Completely Bald & Drinking A $200 Bottle Of Dom Perignon

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Emilia Clarke is something of a hair chameleon, but the public hasn't seen her bald yet. Until now. Emilia Clarke shared a bald photo of herself on Instagram, claiming her hair blew off after watching the fifth episode of the eighth season of Game of Thrones.

Clarke posted a photo of herself in the GoT makeup trailer without a single stitch of hair on top of her head. But don't worry. Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons isn't going to show up to the series finale without her trademark white braids.

Clarke was in the chair wearing a wig cap. But it was so flawlessly attached that at first glance it looked like Clarke went under the buzzer and clipped off all of her locks. "This is what it took not only to shoot ep5...but to watch it too! #soshockingitblewmywigoff," Clarke captioned the photo.

In the picture, the actress was holding a toddler-sized bottle of Dom Perignon, bringing the 2009 vintage up to her mouth, and cringing out of horror. This proves that the Battle of the Queens was just as difficult to watch for the fans as it was to shoot for the cast. In the episode, Daenerys, who so proudly calls herself Breaker of Chains, settled into her Mad Queen role and decided to burn down King's Landing with her dragon. Most of the episode was shot from the point of view of the villagers, so it was emotionally draining to watch.

Before the episode aired, Clarke hinted that the fifth episode was going to be a turning point for her character, Daenerys. In summer of 2018, Clarke shared with Vanity Fair how it felt to shoot some of Daenerys' final on-screen moments. “It fucked me up,” Clarke said. “Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is..."

Wigs blowing off are a very appropriate reaction to seeing one of GoT's leading protagonists turn into an antagonist.

Now that Clarke is one episode away from retiring her silver braided wig, she will no longer have to rock the bald cap. The actress has had many hairstyles over the last few years, frequently changing up both the cuts and color of her hair.

When GoT aired in 2011, Clarke had shoulder-length brown hair.

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Clarke kept that style for another two years, until she cut her brown hair into a bob in 2014.

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There weren't too many hair transformations until 2016. Clarke colored the tips of her hair with a golden brown balayage.

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Those bronze highlights were just the first step in a complete hair overhaul, where later in 2016 Clarke stepped out with a beachy blonde ombre.

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Those Cersai-like tresses didn't last long, and in 2017 Clarke debuted a rich, chocolate brown color along with wispy bangs.

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Not too long after her darkening hair color appointment, Clarke switched gears and went full blonde in 2018. She also shortened her bob into a textured pixie cut.

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While she enjoyed the short hair, Clarke soon began to grow out her 'do into a short blonde bob.

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Not one to stick around with a hairstyle for too long, Clarke went back to having a brown bob just in time for the 2019 Oscars.

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While Clarke whiplashes between styles, one thing is for certain: Clarke looks amazing in all hairstyles, whether that's a bald cap or bleach blonde tresses.