Platform Crocs Are Now A Thing & There's A Lot To Process Here

Crocs, they're not just for gardening anymore. Fashion brand Balenciaga has given Crocs a high fashion makeover, turning the gardening clog — which is known for its utility rather than its fashionability — into a towering platform with lots of bling and flair. The resulting shoe, christened "The Foam," totally has a late '90s flair — think the decade's favorite Steve Madden slides, elevated to the Spice Girls' level. It's the ultimate high x low mashup.

The Balenciaga Crocs — we know, hearing that sounds so strange! — are four inches high and are branded with the new logo designed by creative director Demna Gvasalia, according to Harper's Bazaar. The shoes enjoyed their grand debut at the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2018 Runway Show during Paris Fashion Week.

This Balenciaga-fication of the Croc actually works, taking what has been long-viewed as an ugly but serviceable shoe to new heights. The Croc is now fun and fashion-forward footwear.

Designer Christopher Kane did a collab with Crocs last year, but it didn't register much beyond a blip on the radar. But the Balenciaga x Crocs collab is too unique not to grab headlines or to find itself on the feet of fashion girls everywhere. These babies won't be cheap but they will be hotly coveted.

Bustle reached out to both brands to inquire about the price and where to purchase the Balenciaga Crocs, which are reportedly due out this spring.

These are certainly kitchy and colorful, thanks to the pins and the cotton candy shade. It's like stickers for your shoes... only better.

For some additional visual reference, here is a pair of "typical" Crocs, which actually look sorta cute when paired with fashion-y socks. If you've copped any of the seasons of Rihanna's Stance socks, you should totally pair them with a pair of Crocs.

The lemon yellow pair could rival the sun's brightness. Suddenly, the signature croc heel strap takes on a new air of sexiness when paired with a platform sole worthy of Baby Spice.


Of course, Twitter is a house divided over the Balenciaga-designed Croc.

This user sees the Balenciaga Croc as a conundrum.

Speaking of eyes, this Twitter user views these shoes as quite the eyesore.

That's a nope!

This reaction has zero subtext.

Not everyone is anti-Balenciaga Crocs, though. This user has a totally acceptable plan for this footwear and it's #Prom2018.

Don't call it a comeback. While Crocs have never really gone away, this user totally nailed what's going on with the collab. Balenciaga is able to give Crocs a literal boost and put them in front of a whole new audience.

She's all kinds of "Sorry, not sorry!"

This user is feeling the Crocs. Unless, of course, his tweet is straight sarcasm.

You know, there will very likely be a waiting list for these shoes.

This tweet sums up much of the Twitterverse's feels about this collab.

Worst thing... ever? Nah! I am sure you've seen worse.

This tweet makes a fair point, especially in the fashion sphere.

Courtesy of Christopher Kane

The aforementioned Kane x Crocs collab got a dose of fancy from the fur trim just last year. These shoes were priced at $545, which is a huge markup from the usual $34.99 price.

And now, Crocs have availed themselves of a high fashion makeover yet again. The '90s-inspired platforms are potentially on their way to being the shoe of Summer 2018. Because everything can trend in fashion — even the most unexpected of shoes.

Hey, if you follow this projected trend, at least your feet will be comfy for once.