Fashion's New Fitness Line Redefines Athletic Wear In The Cutest Way

Who says workout clothes can only be worn to the gym? The new fitness collection proves that a cute exercise wardrobe can be worn while you're kicking ass during a workout, laying back watching a movie, or even casually brunching.

If you're not familiar with the brand, is a one-stop shop for all things cute and quirky, whether you're looking for a planner that'll finally get you organized or a new artwork that'll complete the feng shui good vibes of your bedroom. A mix of functional and cute,'s items are totally the type to make your friend and colleagues jealous.

And now, they're presenting the cutest line to date: a fitness collection that wins first place in the cute department, featuring everything from shiny metallic gym bags to the cutest pins and patches. It may not be your conventional athletic-wear line, but that's because it's so much more.

OK, so you don't need patches to get your sweat on, but with one that reads "first place" or another that says "good sport," it might just get even the most anti-workout people kicking butt in the gym. These are just a few of the super cute pieces.

First Place Patch, $12,

Hi, yes, five of these please.

I Like Sports Pin, $10,

Even if you don't, this pin will have you second-guessing if you do.

Work It Out Water Bottle, $20,

Because water tastes so much better in a cute bottle.

Looking Good, Feeling Good Gym Bag, $35,

This is all the motivation you need.

Looking Good, Feeling Good Tee, $38,

And here's the t-shirt version.

Play Nice Tee, $38,

But you already do.

Play Nice Mat, $32,

A super cute mat version for all you yogis out there.'s message is all about quirky fun: "we’re inspired by the power of friendship, the good old days, and all things fun. we’re also really into supporting our community of customers, fellow artists, and like-minded brands. we think there’s room at the top for all of us," their website reads.

And this collection is pure proof of that.

Check out some of the campaign images, below:

This is what workout gear dreams are made of.

All decked out and somewhere to go.

All the cutest water bottles in one place.

Prices for items range from $10-$40 — making the products totally playful and affordable. You can purchase them online starting June 20 at Try not to overload your cart with every item on there!

The beauty of this collection is that yes, while it's made for fitness, but you could totally wear those cute t-shirts with a denim skirt and tennis shoes for a casual everyday look. And those gym bags? They double as weekend travel bags, too!

Isn't working out (and life in general) so much more fun with a cute wardrobe and accessories? For those of you who need a little push, this collection might just do the trick.