Bando's Surprise Goodie Goody Boxes Are Going Fast

by Kali Borovic

It's that special time of year again! Bando's Flash Sale is here and it's bringing major savings. It's happening in-store and online, but the major percentage off isn't the only reason to shop. Bando created mystery Goodie Goody Boxes for people to purchase. There's just one catch — you won't know what's inside until it lands on your door. Regardless of the items, you're going to want these boxes in your life.

This brand has been on a roll lately. Not only did they come out with tons of feel good apparel, but they also started the Self Expression section of their website. Now they're giving it all away for next to nothing. Bando's Flash Sale is happening this weekend, which means up to 70 percent off of apparel, accessories, and stationary. I'm talking prices as low as $1.

But that's not why we're here. All of that is good, but Bando's Goodie Goody Boxes are even better. For $50, you'll get nine mystery items. According to the product description, it's filled with a mix of apparel, accessories, drink-ware, stickers, and more.

The brand states that each box is worth $125, but you'll get it all for just $50. That will also qualify you for free shipping, so it's a win-win.

As of Aug. 26 at 2 pm ET, all sizes — small through extra-large — is available online right now. There are only limited quantities available, so you'll want to shop fast.

Your last chance to snag a box will be Aug. 27 at midnight ET. Grab those wallets, my friend, because this is one sale that you won't want to miss.

While the brand doesn't say exactly what you'll get in the box, there's a good chance that it will be a mix of Flash Sale items. You really can't go wrong with any of the items though. Every single item up for grabs in the sale is absolutely adorable.

There's a mix of bathing suits, phone cases, cups, pins, and more in the Flash Sale section. Of course, you can always just opt to pick out your favorites as well. The sale will only be going on until Aug. 27 at midnight ET as well.

What are you doing still reading this? Go head over to the Bando website before it's too late. Because something this great only comes around once a year.