Baskin-Robbins' Valentine's Day Flavor Comes Stuffed With Hershey's Kisses


Temperatures might be arctic this winter but ice cream is season-less. Even though our scoops might not be able to melt, our hearts still can. And the Baskin-Robbins' February menu will make you not only weak in the knees but also a puddle on the floor. The second month of the year is notably one of love. To stick with the theme, Baskin-Robbin's February Flavor of the Month is Cherry Cordial with KISSES. And because the month is the shortest of the year, with only 28 days. you're not going to want to waste one day.

Baskin-Robbin's February Flavor of the Month will bring you all the love in a single scoop. Romance is a flavor and it tastes a lot like chocolate and cherries. In your scoop of Cherry Cordial with KISSES you'll fall for the silky HERSHEY'S chocolate ice cream with mini KISSES and a silky cherry ribbon mixed in. Making your heart pitter patter even faster is that the flavor will be served in a waffle cone decorated with heart shaped sprinkles. Is it possible to fall in love with ice cream?

If you need a taste before committing to an entire scoop, you can enjoy a taste on National Sampling Day on Feb. 10. Baskin-Robbins will be handing out samples of the February flavor from 3-7PM. But that's not all Baskin-Robbins is doing to celebrate the sweet month of love.


Thinking about the perfect Valentine's Day date? Skip dinner and head straight to dessert. Carol Austin, Vice President of Marketing for Baskin-Robbins says, "Love is in the air at Baskin this month – and no matter who you're celebrating with, we're here to help you make more sweet memories." And she's not kidding. Grab two spoons and cozy up to the Love & Kisses Sundae.

This isn't just any Sundae. It's practically a love potion under a bed of chocolate sauce and marshmallows. The Love & Kisses Sundae consists of Cherry Cordial with KISSES, Love Potion 31® and Very Berry Strawberry ice creams. On top of those scoops you'll find a party of toppings including, according to a press release, "marshmallow, hot fudge and strawberry toppings; whipped cream; chopped almonds; and HERSHEY'S KISSES."

The Sundae is served with two spoons but if you're a solo ice cream lover consider this self-care Sundae. Whether you're with a date or on your own, the February Flavor of the Month at Baskin-Robbins guarantees that you'll get kissed this Valentine's Day.

Continuing the theme of love, Baskin-Robbins gives us the opportunity to make a sweet gesture. If there's something you'd like to say to a loved one, or yourself, you can customize a Valentine's Day customizable cake. Choose from the HERSHEY'S KISSES cake, Love Banner Cake or Pink Conversation (Kiss Me) Cake. Whichever cake you choose and whether it's for a loved one or yourself, Feb. 14 is bound to be a sweet one.

Head to your local Baskin-Robbins to melt away with the lovely flavors sweeping into stores and sweeping us off our feet in February. If you'd rather avoid the polar temperatures, you can always have your customizable Valentine's Day cakes delivered. No matter your marital status, February is going to make you feel full — of love.